Etherious Natsu Dragneel (END)! Fairy Tail Disbands – Fairy Tail 265

Fairy Tail 265 see’s the real name behind END which is Etherious Natsu Dragneel, all while Makarov disbands Fairy Tail altogether in order to allow the brats their own chance to develop their own sense and get stronger. So END is Etherious Natsu Dragneel and Fairy Tail disbands, what is going on!

Fairy Tail 265 begins as the dragons begin to talk to everyone about their plan which they came up with in order to aid in defeating Acnologia, but Igneel couldn’t even do it. It’s mentioned that they cannot stay for long as Acnologia already took their soul, so they cannot stay for long. They begin to disappear, along with Igneel as they mention that they will always watch over them for eternity.

Natsu talks to Igneel a little longer as he’s told to get back up after all of this, he’s told that he must get back up and live. Natsu wishes to get even stronger. Elsewhere, we see that the guild and town are all in shambles. There is a lot of repair work to do. Lucy is lonely. Makarov doesn’t know what to do right now, it seems that an important decision must be made.

Laxus gets up as he hugs Evergreen, Bickslow and Freed as he mentions that he needs to get stronger because it’s all pathetic. Everyone enjoys the day a little along with Lucy, Gajeel, Levy and others. They think that Natsu might need a helping hand, but he’s got Happy to keep in him company.

They gather all their money, as they want to go on a mission, it seems that he has a letter for everyone. Gray and Juvia go to Silver and Gray’s mother grave. Juvia tells Gray what really happened, he gets angry at first but then he thanks her for what she did, he cries in front of her while tightly holding her. He cries as they spend some time together.

Erza also remembers some bad memories, however Jellal shows up next to her trying to make her better, he and the others go on ahead to figure out a way to help the world from the darkness. She gets happy for a moment. Minerva returns to her guild, everyone gets happy as they celebrate.

Makarov talks to Doranbolt as he tells him that he doesn’t need to wipe his memories, as he also had the insignia of Fairy Tail. He has always been a member of Fairy Tail, he tries to infiltrate the council, which is when he tries to wipe his memory. He mentions that he’s disbanding Fairy Tail, as it’s an end of an era.

Lucy gets Natsu’s message that he’s going to go train for a year, she tries to run for him, but he has already gone. Gray and Juvia will try to hunt down END to defeat him. Makarov wishes everyone the best. Natsu wants to get stronger, he’s with Happy. Zeref wants Natsu to also get stronger, as he reveals the true nature of END which is Etherious Natsu Dragneel. Fairy Tail 265 ends here.

A brilliant and fantastic episode, END is Etherious Natsu Dragneel, could it mean that Natsu is a demon of Zeref. And how can all of this be explained. I can’t wait to find out. On top of which, this arc ends, but a new even better airs as we finally get an animated version of Fairy Tail Zero, which concerns Fairy Tail’s past with Mavis. Fairy Tail Zero 1 “Fairy in the Heart”, will air while we wait for the next arc.

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