Surgeon of Death – Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar D. Water Law, doctor and captain of the Heart Pirates is awesome, I recently just encountered him whilst watching through One Piece anime (around 400) when him along with others fight against members of the Marine. Although I’ve not seen him fight to his full potential, I know that he’s one heck of a character, possible even having some fantastic abilities, I’ve tried not to spoil it for myself, I just know he’s awesome, just like this piece of artwork.

Trafalgar D Water Law Surgeon of Death by sakonma

I really like this image, I know that he’s some sort of doctor as his abilities might be related to that, thus this fantastic work by Sakonma is absolutely beautiful. If you like their work, be sure to check their profile out, otherwise go on ahead and share this page with others who might like this piece of art.

What do you think?

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