Laxus vs Tempester! Gajeel Defeats Torafusar – Fairy Tail 255

Fairy Tail 255 see’s Gajeel defeating Torafusar with all his abilities after Levy gives him some air using her own magic abilities, while Tempester is still left waiting to fight, we see the arrival of Laxus, who uses his abilities to quickly try to knock Tempester out, however due to his injuries, he’s unable to fight to his full potential.

Fairy Tail 255 begins as Gajeel asks for Levy to give him more air, she doesn’t know what he’s talking about as she’s already given him all the air she had. However, he was talking about the magic air she has, she realises this and quickly create air which allows for them to breath, she uses it to also help others such as Natsu and Lucy.

Furthermore, we see Gajeel go on ahead to fight, however Torafusar transforms into another form where Gajeel finds it really difficult to battle against, he’s trapped when he remembers the moments from his past at the Magic council when he meets Belno who talks to him, telling him to live his life with meaning. She was one of the council members who had died during the Tartarus killing.

Gajeel is now part of Fairy Tail, he’s changed from how he was before as he realises that a lot more nicer. Once he finds out that Belno died, he begins to know that he wants to help everyone and save everyone around him. Keeping them safe from harm.

He escapes the clutches of Torafusar and begins to attack, when he mixes both Iron and Carbon together to create a Steel sword allowing him to defeat everyone as well as to disable the water cage he’s in. However, next up Tempester is still up, he tries to kill Gajeel but Laxus shows up, it seems that they will fight.

We see what had happened before when they previously fought. It seems that Laxus seems to be a lot stronger than before as he punches Tempester as well as to disable all his attacks. Laxus is pissed off that he hurt his comrades. This is when Laxus shows his abilities and prevents.

Laxus attacks and so does Tempester. It seems that Laxus is still quite weak as Tempester realises that the anti-magic particles are still within him, he’s shocked that he’s even able to fight. Tempester attacks but it doesn’t do anything to him, thus Laxus goes onto attack him with a tough punch.

Laxus also takes a punch which hurts him too. At this point, Tempester begins to get stronger as does Laxus. They both begin to get stronger and power up before how strong they were before. It seems that their battle will end in a blast as Fairy Tail 255 ends here.

A pretty good episode as we’ll see the battle between Laxus vs Tempester begin and end, can’t wait for the awesomeness that will come from this. Should be awesome, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 256, titled “Final Duel” when we go on to see the battle end.

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    I like how the anime has done Tempester justice, compare to him on the manga, he has shown a lot more, makes up that he was quickly taken out by Gray.


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