Makarov Lives! Brandish Overpowers – Fairy Tail 443

Fairy Tail 443 shows Brandish’s power to change the ground she walks on that she submerges the whole island in order to prove a point. Brandish also mentions that Makarov is still alive and that there are 12 Spriggan who are of her power level, or more. They have no chance of defeating them, thus should give up. Gajeel and others are at Blue Pegasus where they’re there to get Laxus and others back.

Fairy Tail 443 begins as Gajeel, Cana and others are in a hot spring, separated by a wall. Juvia doesn’t want to come out when Levy quickly shouts that Gray is there, to which she runs out with her tower unintentionally falling. Seems that Levy was joking. They mention that it seems that they didn’t know Gajeel knew of such a relaxing bath house.

Ichiya is also there with them as he mentions that the hot spring is actually in fact part of Blue Pegasus. It also means that their guild is nearby, to which he goes on to mention that Evergreen, Freed and Bickslow are quite popular and quickly becoming the aces of Blue Pegasus.

The others realise that the Thunder God Tribe’s part of Blue Pegasus meaning that Laxus must also be part of them. Ichiya mentions that he rarely drops by the guild, he usually trains or doing his own thing. This was supposed to be Gajeel’s surprise. Ichiya quickly mentions that he’s been a bad boy pointing his dingaling to Elfman, he punches him when Ichiya’s butt smacks into Gajeel.

He breaks through the wall separating the male and female and quickly directs himself to Levy, out of nowhere he lands on her with his face on Levy’s boobs, asking what these plump things are. Juvia knows that this is karma for lying to her beforehand.

Gajeel gets into trouble but Ichiya most likely did this on purpose. Juvia mentions that she wanted to do this on Gray too. We go to Gray as he and Natsu are confronted by Brandish. They realise that her power is something saw awesome that he’s never felt this much before. Natsu’s right hand begins to react to her power as it begins shaking.

Brandish mentions that she’d like to purchase a Star Mango Gelato. She goes to the stand and quickly realises that it’s gone, Marin blames it on Natsu and others as she realises that there is nothing more for her. She doesn’t care any longer. She also mentions to bring back the girls that he passed.

He tries to talk to her but she is quickly frustrated and forces him. The ground and buildings are moving. Carla, Happy, Wendy and the kid from before fly up, but as they do, they notice that nothing has moved from their height. Brandish has changed the topography of the entire island.

Marin brings back both Erza and Lucy, they seem fine. Lucy notices Brandish as she also notices her massive magic power. It might even be larger than Makarov’s. Marin tells Brandish that their mission was to capture the spy and find out who they were planning to meet up with.

If they go back empty-handed, Wahl may have a few choice of words for them. Even if they leave them to their own devices, Ishgar would never dare come to pick a fight with Alvarez. They technically have failed their mission. Natsu gets pissed of mentioning that one of their friends is injured, there’s no way he’s keeping his mouth shut.

Natsu looks pissed off, while Brandish points at Marin and pops him with her power. It seems that he’s quickly killed. She mentions that she’s not lost of her allies, and to consider them even. She mentions that she is sorry, but she has little tolerance for anything she finds tedious.

Because she finds it tedious, she’ll make it look like she took care of the spy along with the people she was supposed to meet up. She mentions for them to stay away from Arakitashia, Erza knows that Brandish knows who they are. Brandish mentions that Makarov lives.

But if they do something unnecessary, then she can’t guarantee how everything will go. Consider this a warning, stay away from them. She retracts the whole island into nothingness as the village, island and all the people submerge into the waters. Brandish mentions that there are 12 wizards in Alvarez of her caliber, it would be ill-advised to start a war with them, with no hope of winning, calling them Fairy Tail. She disappears as it seems that they already knew that they were coming. Fairy Tail 443 ends here.

A wonderful chapter as Brandish warns Fairy Tail of the upcoming dangers they may face if they do try to attack Alvarez. On top of which, with soldiers which have the same strength as Brandish, or even stronger. It’ll be impossible for Natsu and others to fight in such a battle without some kind of help. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 444, titled Emperor Spriggan, when we’ll see the Alvarez kingdom itself.

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  1. Deepak singh

    Wow! Brandish jst overpowered every one. She is powerful, a little funny plus beauty. Can some 1 explain me the pain in natsu’s hand even gray noticed it did i miss something or something is goona be revealed about natsu’s training. Where as for Laxus it good to hear that he is been training this make me feel that even gildarts is busy training somewhere i also got the feeling that laxus and gildarts knew about the alvarez thats why laxus is still training. So much more to say but out of words ???☺?


    1. Sunite

      With Natsu’s arm, he’s been hard in training for a year now, and the full extent to his power is not known. So he must have had some kind of injury, the last time he fought, he smashed down a god, which could have ended up in his arm being injured and reacting to Brandish’s incredible strength. Laxus was probably waiting for something like this, he most likely knew for FT to come back, Makarov would have had to come back so had to train harder and harder to fight bigger and better opponents, which I’m guessing will come up in this arc. Gildarts was probably travelling all over the place, that’s probably why he most likely knows something about this. This could be the arc he comes in to help his guild.


    2. Amelius

      I actually believe Natsu grabbing his arm wasnt pain, but a twitch and was his way of holding himself back. He doesnt want to reveal just how strong he has gotten and it( to me) was his way of telling himself…NOT YET! I dont think Natsu was scared at the presence of brandish, shocked yes but not scared. If he was scared, i dont think he would have stepped up when she started to walk away, Mest wasnt dead so they could have just walked away, if they were truly that scared, but Natsu stepped up, which to me shows he isnt scared and wants brandish to know he isnt, which is why she felt the need to show off at the end, when they locked eyes, you didnt see fear in natsu’s eyes.


      1. Sunite

        Ah right, honestly thought it could have been the damage he must have received when he destroyed that God when he got so pissed off. But that could have also been true, could it be something to do with his Dragon Slayer power? Maybe it’s manifesting in his arm?


        1. Amelius

          Could be, that might explain why he didnt just jump into a fight. But I do know this, he isnt scared of her. Grey and Ersa and Lucy have been the only ones to mention her magic power, Natsu doesnt even bring it up, all that happen is the shocked looked when she showed up ( possibly because he didnt sense her ahead of time and nothing more) and the twitching of his arm( which could indicate that he wants to fight and had to restraint himself, or that it reacted becuase its still healing from his battle against that God). The only time I can remember Natsu EVER being truly afraid and the magic power of an opponent was against Gildarts during the S-rank tests, so that what Im going off of. And to be clear, when I say scared what I mean is scared to the point that all the fight in you goes out! I know natsu has been scared of opponents, but only once where I can remember him giving up.


  2. Bijoy Bhattacharjee

    The battle had already began whether alvarez kingdom likes it or not,with makarov captive natsu won’t stop here.If laxus,Gildartz ,Jellal and his groups and other guilds in fiore unite there is a chance.I also wonder whether the alvarez kingdom is only after Lumen Histoire or anything else?Well ,I am looking forward to see who the emperor Spriggan is?


  3. Deepak singh

    I don’t think such a big Kingdom will only be after lumen historia i think we might also get to see zeref somewhere in this arc ??


    1. Sunite

      Yeah, totally agree, with such a large guild, they’ll have different focus’ on getting stronger and ruling more over other lands. I believe after this arc, we’ll see more of other parts of the world too.


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