Seraph of the End (Season 1) Review

Seraph of the End focuses on the battle between Vampires and Humans when a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which infected and killed everyone over the age of 13. Whilst this occurred, Vampires appeared from the dark and enslaved humans. Yuichiro Hyakuya was enslaved along with children from his orphanage and treated like livestock for blood. Let’s begins our Seraph of the End review.

Yuichiro HyakuyaFollowing the story of Yuichiro Hyakuya throughout the 12 episodes, we see his view of point as well as build up his character fleshing out to the type of person he’s grown into. After escaping from the vampires, with the help of his friends who were also captured, he makes it out and encounters Guren Ichinose who helps and trains him to become a great soldier, they use demon weapons in order to kill the vampires as standard weapons don’t do anything to them.

I believe there will be a second season coming out in August 2015, so I’ll definitely keep a look out to see how it stacks up to the first season. Initially I thought the concept and story were amazing, Humans vs Vampires is something I’ve not seen a lot in anime’s so it’s good to see it happening here.

Seraph of the End posterThe start of the series was what I really liked, it had a lot of suspense and had that creepy and scariness which I wanted in this series, however as we develop and only concentrate on humans, we learn that there isn’t a lot here except that the main protagonist just wants to fight and kick ass.

Furthermore, as he does get a hold on a cursed weapon to kill Vampires, we see that he’s just going to be an over powered character with something that’ll make him extra special that he’ll just use and kick ass after ass. The standard where the protagonist once again has some special power that will be used to kick ass.

We learn that around 5 to 10% of Yuichiro is non-human, something that creeps up at the end of the series and explodes into something big and also a surprise which was bound to happen. I have not read the manga, however I expect that it would represent this 5 to 10% non-human within Yuichiro in a better manner compared to what we got.

As the story develop, we set ourselves in a school setting which makes it hard to believe that the world is in fact in a post-apocalyptic setting, minimizes any sense of danger and threat that was built in the first few episodes. We follow Yuichiro in his efforts to join and become part of the Moon Demon Company, group formed to fight against vampires.

After the adults died, and Yuichiro trained hard and grew up, the world seemed to have calmed down a little however the threat was definitely there. There was more character development in these 12 episodes then actual fights between the vampires and humans.

The art in this series was okay, it was extraordinary nor was it crap. The settings used for the outside world, seeing torn down buildings and built up plants in urban areas were not so bad. The animation was also okay, it wasn’t anything great that would hook you, nor was is terrible.

With only 12 episodes to introduce and hook users, it did some of that job, it was extremely amazing, but it did an okay job. So for that reason, I think I did enjoy the show to an extent, I’ve also heard that the second season has much more of an impact on the anime, it has many more fights and lots more development on the series.

I score Seraph of the End (Owari no Seraph):

6.9 out of 10

So what do you think? Have you been watching this series over the past 12 weeks? If you did, go ahead and tell us what you think? Let’s talk about this series if you enjoy or if you didn’t quite like it. Use the comment section down below.

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  1. T-BO

    With the start of every season I have very little to go off of when choosing a new anime to watch. There is usually a trailer (unsubbed), a slight synopsis and the cover picture. With that being said I didn’t know quite what to expect from this anime but I was pleasantly surprised.

    The anime’s that I tend to watch seem to have very similar plots. Friends that will go through hell to be reunited, overpowered main character and so on. I am to the point where I look forward to these kinds of plots, lol. In an earlier post of yours I did agree that they got lazy on the animation and only did some still shots for the major battle. That was kinda wack but it wasn’t enough for me to give the show a really bad rating.

    I really like this one and I’m looking forward to another season. I was intrigued at the end because the vampires see the humans as ruining the earth by making deals with these demons. Of course the humans see the vampires as the bad guys because they use them like cattle. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.


    1. Sunite

      Yeah that’s indeed true, the animation does get a little wack and sloppy at times. Honestly, I think this anime is good, I like the story about vampires vs humans, I’ve not seen one of these in a while so it’s nice to see this, the story is also quite unique too. On top of which I read somewhere that the second season has a lot more battles and is much more involved in making the season epic.


  2. AL

    I liked it a lot, the ploterms and the animation was great i feel that it is a little common for the protagonist to have a special ability is beyond common. I was like there has to be something special from the very early in the series. Ithe stakes up with most of “my” Anima list.


  3. Kisuke

    Enjoyed it.Finished it in two nights 🙂 The first few episodes were gruesome.I like Yuichiro Hyakuya’s character art since his hair and eyes were sort of like Ulquiorra. A little resemblance to Bleach is enough for me to sit through few episodes 😉
    Waiting for more fight sequences in season 2 and more episodes in number!!!


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