Caracolle Island! Kick-Ass No Jutsu – Fairy Tail 441

Fairy Tail 441 see’s Fairy Tail team in a boat travelling towards the Arakitashia Continent, when Natsu and Wendy are both travel sick, on top of which they first land on Caracolle Island where the Alvarez Imperial Navy is on standby looking for people who are travelling to overthrow them. Natsu and others land there when a soldier insist on hurting a child when Natsu and others step in.

Fairy Tail 441 begins with as Natsu and everyone is on a boat, he seems to be quite sick of this, it also happens to Wendy as she’s unable to use Troia on herself either. Gray just carry’s them off to their rooms too. Mest asks Erza why she’s so worried, Erza mentions that Makarov went so far as to dissolving the guild to protect them.

At the same time, he protected Lumen Histoire from the enemy, on top of which Erza doesn’t know what the Lumen Histoire is so she doesn’t know how to deal with it all. She mentions that she must question to what worth he did all this. Mest mentions that it’s a type of weapon, or something equivalent.

Gray mentions that Makarov wanted to activate it to stop the Face weapon, but he said that he didn’t have the courage to do that. On top of all of this, it’s a mystery to why it the first’s body is there. Is she dead or alive, on top of which how was the first even appearing in front of only them.

There is just too much they don’t know, once they rescue Makarov, they’ll make everything clear. On top of this, they need to go ahead and make a pit stop on a small island, Caracolle Island, in order to get some more stuff so they can survive the trip. The island is also not part of Fiore so they need to be careful when entering the island.

They’ve arranged a meeting with an intelligent agent in the island to help them infiltrate the town. Gajeel and others are looking for Laxus, to which we see that Levy catches up to them. Gajeel also mentions that their mission to get Makarov out by infiltrating or even going up against Alvarez has a very low success rate. Levy tells Gajeel that he sucks for not waiting for him.

Gajeel mentions that he thought that Levy was in his backpack, they’re flirting a little when Juvia notices this. Levy mentions that their enemy is top-tier elite, confronting them head on is a mistake they cannot afford to make. They’re nearly outside the island. They notice that Alvarez Imperial Navy has already arrived.

They enter the island and noticing that they’re made to line up by these soldiers as they’re searching for a spy who’s infiltrated, Natsu and others change their Fairy Tail emblem to that of Cait Shelter, they don’t quite know who they are, Erza and Lucy use their bodies to get it easy from the soldiers to quickly pass through.

They go on ahead when Natsu realises that he needs to act like a ninja, he loves them. We see a kid who’s talking to the soldiers screaming and asking to bring his dad back. One of the soldiers tries to scare and stab the child, however Natsu and others step in and push them down, Natsu quickly uses his Ninja Art, Kick-Ass No Jutsu to save the kid. Fairy Tail 441 ends here.

A good chapter and pretty awesome poke at Naruto with the Kick-Ass No Jutsu right at the end which made my day, on top of which I’m guessing that one of the higher-ups will show up soon enough in next week’s Fairy Tail 442, titled “Edicts of Space”, as Natsu and others might face more soldiers.

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