Fairy Tail Zero & Ice Trail Spinoff Manga Ends in July

Fairy Tail Zero and Fairy Tail: Ice Trail manga have announced that they will both be ending. Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail Zero and Yusuke Shirato’s Fairy Tail: Ice Trail spinoff manga will end in the 13th issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Magazine which will publish on the 17th of July.

Fairy Tail Zero and Ice Trail MangaFairy Tail Zero is the prequel to the original Fairy Tail manga concentrating mainly on Mavis Vermillion, Yuriy Dreyar, Warrod Sequen and Precht Gaebolg as well as Zeira, the story concentrates on the beginning and birth of Fairy Tail guild. While Fairy Tail: Ice Trail focuses on Gray Fullbuster, following him until he joined Fairy Tail.

Saying goodbye to these set of manga’s is definitely sad, however as they seemed to be supplementary material to top up the overall Fairy Tail world, it seems like it’s served it’s purpose. Honestly, they were pretty awesome set of manga’s, especially Zero as it featured the birth of Fairy Tail itself.

Did you read them? If you did, what were your opinions of them? Did you like the story which both of them served up? Go ahead and comment down below.

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  1. dreager1

    I’m definitely not very close to these titles yet (I’m on volume 5-6 of the main series) but it sounds like they were pretty good and Fairy Tail Zero definitely sounds interesting. It’s ironic to hear about Ice Trail ending as the Gray backstory just finished where I am up too as his former friend is currently trying to wake up a monster. So far the series is much better than I had expected and there isn’t even that much fanservice at the moment. I know that it is supposed to get a little excessive later on, which is my only worry, but I’m certainly looking forward to the action scenes coming up. I’ve heard that Natsu really gets ultra powerful by the end. Do you think that some more spinoffs will take their place or that the Fairy Tail franchise will just get smaller for a little while?


    1. Sunite

      Oh yeah your at the Lyon arc, I think watching the episodes, one after the other is definitely awesome, I’ve started OP BTW. FT anime will get better, also ive already read Zero, I’ve left Ice Trail for another time. The manga is getting so intense rn tho. And speaking of fan service episodes, you’ll get there :p


    2. Sunite

      Oh and I honestly think that Hiro has always expanded the series by pushing out two or three chapters at once, I think he can handle doing another back story series, so I think the franchise will grow to a level of Naruto and OP.


  2. Bijoy Bhattacharjee

    God Serena is Yuriy,is not impossible.Because they looks almost identical but I wonder how he looks so young almost around age of 30-40,when the other founding members like Warrod and Precht looked old.I also looking forward to the last chapter of Fairy Tail Zero,maybe some facts about how mavies died and what happen to yuriy will be revealed.


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