Crawford Theme! Kyouka’s Torture – Fairy Tail 238

Fairy Tail 238 discovers that Crawford Theme (or Seam), the former council leader was the one feeding the information back to Tartarus in order to once again become the head of the council. In turn he drugs Erza and Mirajane to bring them back to Tartarus HQ, whilst Natsu figures out that he’s the leak. Erza and Mirajane are put under tests and tortured.

Fairy Tail 238 begins as Mirajane and Erza both enter the home of Crawford Theme, he is deeply saddened that they’re all being targeted. Whilst also giving them some tea that he himself prepared. He also mentions that he remembers Erza from when she was accused of a crime.

Mirajane quickly asks about Face, asking him what it does and how they can disable it. He mentions that he doesn’t know where it is, he also doesn’t know who the link members are. He mentions that Face was scrapped as it was a forbidden weapon. The enemy appear as members of Tartarus quickly attack, Mirajane and Erza turn into their Demon and Armored form to fight.

Sayla has Elfman in control as he squeezes Lisanna’s neck, Sayla tries to see if Elfman wants to sell his soul to her. Doranbolt is in Cobra’s cell as members of Oracion Seis have already been set free. Zero is quickly taken out by Cobra after they found out that he was just using them.

Jellal and Meredy appear in front of them. Natsu realises something very important and follows Erza and others, all while Mirajane and Erza collapse, it seems that they were poisoned by Crawford Theme who was secretly working for Tartarus. Natsu arrives at the house late, realizing that it was the tea that did it.

Erza wakes up in front of Kyouka while she is restrained and in a jail cell, it seems that Mirajane is being made into a demon just like Minerva. Jellal begins his battle against some members of Oracion Seis as he used to battle against them before. It seems that Jellal can handle the speed and power of the current members of Oracion Seis.

Kyouka tells Erza that Jellal is the third person they need to kill in order to activate Face, on top of which Erza’s senses have all been increased that any damage to her is done at such a high intensity. Jellal tries to battle against them but it seems that he’s loosing his feet.

Franmalth and Crawford are walking together talking about what’ll happen in the future, when Natsu appears out of nowhere using his nose to find the base of Tartarus, he arrives at such force that he quickly kicks Crawford’s ass. Fairy Tail 238 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, I saw this coming a while ago that Crawford was just a wimp who is easily controlled by Tartarus, and Erza’s about to face her biggest challenge against Kyouka. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 239, titled “Jellal vs Oracion Seis”, when members of Fairy Tail know about Tartarus hide out, as well as the battle between Jellal and Oracion Seis comes to an end.

What do you think?

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