Could God Serena be Yuriy Dreyar?

The strongest of the 10 Wizard Saint, God Serena, has been revealed along with Hyberion (2nd) and Wolfheim (3rd) in the latest Fairy Tail 440 chapter where we learn that God Serena has defected to the Alvarez (Albareth) Empire’s elite guard, Spriggan Twelve. We see some facial similarities proving that God Serena could be Yuriy Dreyar.

God SerenaIn the recent Fairy Tail 440 chapter we saw Hyberion explain to Levy and Jura that God Serena had already defected to the Alvarez (Albareth) Empire becoming the top elite member of the Spriggan Twelve. In that sense, we also got a good look at his face, we can already tell that he looks very similar Yuriy Dreyar. I’d also like to make a point that as Warrod is still alive, possibly due to his type of magic, could also mean that Yuriy could also have developed some sort of magic allowing him to extend his life. A little extra information from Fairy Tail Zero chapter 11 see’s Yuriy Dreyar telling Mavis Vermillion that he no longer has anything to live for, thus he shall live for her dreams and look for fairies. Could this be the one thing that led him to live this long, and his reason for joining the Alvarez (Albareth) Empire to keep Mavis safe from harm of the empire, as he tries to prevent their attack by becoming one that leads their armies, and preventing war.

With this image, it’s possible to assume that they definitely look very similar, they have similar hair styles, the shape of their jaws are similar, nose and mouth also look very similar. It could also mean that Yuriy Dreyar had another child, Makarov Dreyar’s brother? Still these are all just theories.

What do you think? Could Yuriy still be alive? Could God Serena be Yuriy Dreyar? Is it even a possibility that he is whom we are talking about. Comment down below telling me what you think.

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  1. rahmaru

    if that case, then it is amazed me how younger Yuriy’s appearance is..when he is actually a Makarov’s father and Laxus’s great-grandson…


    1. Sunite

      That’s right, he looks a lot like him imo. And yeah Yuriy doesn’t looks a lot different, on top of which if he is still alive, Makarov and Laxus would be pretty happy to see him once more.


  2. Bijoy Bhattacharjee

    I wonder who are the other twelve shields of Spriggan,apart from yuriy,i think there will be some known faces and also looking forward to who the guy Spriggan is.


      1. Dark Flames

        It was never said that he was the strongest of the 12. He is just the strongest of his continent. The other 11 shields are equally strong as him.


  3. Deepak singh

    Well, yesterday read fairy tail: zero which confirm’s that yuri dreyer is dead that means god serena is not who we think he is ?


  4. Noctifer

    if god serena is indeed yurir.. im guessing his magic would be lightning god magic (not lightning god slayer).. if a dragon is using its original power (dragon slaying magic if used by humans) why not a god using its original power as well


  5. Aaron

    It’s weird tho . like how would warrod not recognize yuri at the sight of him considering they are b
    oth wizard saints? or maybe warrod hasnt met serena yet or…


  6. Zeref Dragneel

    August is the strongest out of the 12. even Makarov himself said that the versatility of his magic may surpass even that of Zeref. Nice theory,but I think Mashima has something else up his sleeves.


  7. Kimix

    I don’t think he’s Yuriy Dreyar because he got magical powers from Zeref back when they just met with Mavis and he would recognize Zeref and not as the king of Ishgar . I really hope u understand what I said xD


  8. ZerothKamui

    Ok so I’ve got a brief theory that has flaws

    God Serena is most likely Yuri because of the obvious appearance. And the thought going around he is immortal that’s why he looks young has a flaw in my opinion—if your immortal it usually means ur invulnerable to physical attacks if so how did he get a scar on the bridge of his nose. U dunno abt that just get back to me. Next the reason he is called God Serena would be God for immortal if he is and Serena is probably his wife which died after the birth of makarov because of the curse magic Mavis had. Yuri was furious abt his beloved wife dying so he wants lumen histoire to get rid of her once and for all

    And a side note on God Serena’ wiki page he resembles a Raijin meaning a thunder God because Yuri used lightning magic and on chapter 440 a small silhouette of god Serena appeared and it had this phrase—-a shock wave is coming– I couldn’t help but think that is explaining his lightning nature or something else

    So there’s my idea of this theory give me any feedbacks in this thanks


    1. Bob Huang

      Hmm, viable I guess
      But if I was to say, Laxus’ quote: “You fairy founders can’t just stay in the grave, can you?” gives me further speculation that God Serena is Yuri Dreyar…as he seemingly can’t obtain that great of magic power when he is that young.


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