God Serena! Wizard Saints – Fairy Tail 440

Fairy Tail 440 reveal the 4 remaining Wizard Saints as council members, as well as the strongest of them all being God Serena, who has transferred into being Alvarez’s Spriggan 12. All this while Erza decides that the members who’ve seen the Lumen Histoire in that room will be the ones to go rescue Makarov from the Alvarez Empire.

Fairy Tail 440 begins as Natsu is shocked that Makarov hasn’t come back yet. The judgement on the guild being split was all for their sake. Mest hasn’t heard from him this past year. He could still be in the middle of negotiation or had been captured. Mest has worked with Makarov’s plan to being back the magic council.

With the help of Warrod, they’ve formed a new magic council around the Ten Wizard Saints. Warrod is aware of the situation but the other council members are not. They all know that Alvarez Empire is a threat to them, even now it’s a way to stop them advancing. Gray asks if this allowed for them to buy some time, to which it seems like it has worked.

Natsu goes on to mention that they’re going to save him, Mest agrees with him and mentions that he’s revived the council just as he wished, on top of which he will not be a mage of Fairy Tail. Happy and Carla talk about including everyone in their fight against them. However Erza stops everyone and goes on to mention that their own master captioned them as unbeatable.

They simply cannot afford to rush in blindly. Natsu mentions that over the year they’ve all gotten stronger, they can’t possibly lose. Erza mentions that Makarov has risked his life to buy them time, don’t take it lightly. They will rebuild their guild and resume taking on jobs. They will completely revive Fairy Tail.

She wants everyone to gather here and laugh and smile as they once did. That is what she, as a master, wants. But as a guild members, her views are different. She mentions that they absolutely must being their master back, that is why they will go about this with just those who are present.

A small band is better suited for this kind of task, she mentions. they will infiltrate Alvarez and save Makarov. This is not a battle, it’s an infiltration and rescue mission, telling Natsu mainly to stop his chaotic self. It seems that Gajeel had been listening, he mentions that he will take another route.

Juvia looks for Gray when Cana mentions that she’s drank him, Juvia tries to open her mouth. Mirajane mentions that Gray, Erza and Mest, along with Natsu and Lucy have gone somewhere. She thinks that Lucy and Gray have been messing about.

Gajeel proposes that they reform B-Team to go ahead and hunt down Laxus. At the magic council, we see Jura, take some documentation from Levy as she submits the paper work to put Fairy Tail back on the map as a guild. We also see Warrod who is there watering his plants, he thinks of Mest trying to go and find Makarov.

We then see a short member, his name being Wolfheim, Rank 3 of the Ten Wizard Saints, as he asks if Warrod is always going to act like a fool. He pisses him off by mentioning that his name sounds freaky. Wolfheim quick changes his form and turns into a large beast.

He mentions that it’s all find for him to be pulling weeds while this continent and Alvarez are each others throat. Another member appears, who tell both members to calm down, telling them that they’re no longer wandering mages. They are council members and must set an example for all other mages, this man being Hyberion, or Rank 2 of the Ten Wizard Saints.

Hyberion mentions that things are certainly boiling up, their task is to return them to something a bit more tranquil. If it ends in war, then they will have very little chance. It falls on all of them to open the path towards a peaceful resolution. Levy asks if Alvarez is really that powerful, and since they still have God Serena, they should be okay.

Hyberion mentions that the man once called the Heavenly King of Ishgar and the Foremost of the Ten Wizard Saints, simply put is the strongest mage on this continent. God Serena is his name. Jura asks that he should be taking part in the council but isn’t here is he. They mention that he has abandoned  the land, he’s crossed over the Arakitashia, the west continent and has become a member of the Alvarez Empire.

He has become a part of the twelve shields that protect Emperor Spriggan, the Spriggan 12, he is now one of them. There are 11 more mages who can stand toe-to-toe with even Ishgar’s mightiest mage. God Serena is rank 1 of the Spriggan 12, who was previously ranked 1 in the Ten Wizard Saints. Fairy Tail 440 ends here.

What an absolute fantastic chapter, all of the Wizard Saints have been revealed and what is more troubling is that the strongest member of the Wizard Saints has gone over to the enemy’s side in order to become even more powerful. This is absolutely insane, knowing that there are 12 other insane powerful people. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 441, titled “Caracolle Island” when we see what happens next.

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    1. Sunite

      Ohh yeah that’s most likely is what will happen. Speaking of Gildarts, do you think he’s at the west continent? Possibly trying to somehow see what the Alveraz are doing? Or even a part of the Spriggan 12????


      1. rise

        Its possible that they could run into gildarts on the way , and if he is with the sprigfan 12, it will be a good set up for matsu to go against him and show if he finally surpass gildarts


  1. pelerini20

    I highly doubt that Gildarts would deflect to Alvarez. First of all, because his daughter is in/from Fiore. Second, he’s a member of Fairy Tail. If he’s fighting on any body’s side, it’s gonna be for Fairy Tail. I think that if there is a chance that they meet up, then it would be because he heard about the master and went to help the old man.
    If this is the final arc, I’m totally stoked at how exciting it’s turning out to be. I can’t wait for the next chapter. The story is progressing pretty quickly, but that’s ok because there seems to be such a huge story to tell. It still looks like it’ll take at least 2 yrs to go through this arc.


    1. Sunite

      Yeah same exact reason why I believe that the story is getting pretty awesome! Fairy Tail is definitely getting even more intense. On top of which God Serena seems like a God at the moment, and there must a be a reason why he’s regarded as the strongest mage, not even comparing to Zeref at this point.


  2. rise

    I do want to point out a few things

    -jellel and jose porla are no longer saint wizards, but they are still at the level of a saint wizard

    -since they were removed from the position of saint wizard, they were probably replaced by two others, which means that if there are two people that did replace jellel and jose porla, and excluding god serna, that would mean there are nine saint wizard, including if makarov is still around

    -but including jellel and jose porla, that would make 11 people who are on the level of saint wizard if jellel and jose are to take part in this battle

    -also, laxus is no doubt at the level of a saint wizard since he beat jura, so you can probably count him in as a saint wizard and take part of this battle

    – natsu and erza is obviously at the level of a saint wizard, but natsu maybe the one of the strongest now, so you definitely have to include both of them

    -that makes either 12 saint wizard level to go against the 12 shield if jellel and jose wasnt replace, but if they were replaced, would make a total of 14 saint wizard level to go against the 12 shields

    This is just what i think…


  3. rahmaru

    so only eleven wizards from Fairy Tail would fight those Spriggan 12???
    Team A = Erza, Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Wendy & Mest (not counting Happy n Carla)
    Team B = Mirajane, Gajeel, Cana, Juvia, & Laxus (in future)
    at least they should bring Gildart or Jellal too…


    1. Sunite

      I believe that even members such as Cana, Juvia Wendy, Lucy wont be able to battle against the Spriggan 12. Jellal/Gildarts should come to fight too. I believe that Natsu’s gotten so strong then he could possible battle against Spriggan 1, 2 and 3. Honestly I think he’s gotten really strong.


      1. rahmaru

        sure…since Natsu is one of the 1st generation of Dragon Slayers, there are plenty of rooms for him to become more stronger..this is also applied to Gajeel and Wendy as the 1st generation of Dragon Slayers… Lucy is the most powerful Celestial Spirit user (at least for me) can do a lot too…about Cana and Juvia, both of them are potential S-class mages can contributes on something too…Laxus, Mira, & Erza are powerfull S-class mages, so i guess they able to put a decent fight…lastly, i’m not sure about Mest….


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