Erza Defeats Jerome! Fighting Avatar – Fairy Tail 431

Fairy Tail 431 see’s everyone beginning their battles with Erza quickly and swiftly defeating Jerome with her brand new armor where she has swords that look like wings hanging over her, it looks fantastic. Everyone gets underway to begin their battle, even Briar mentions that it’s time to show Fairy Tail the power of black magic.

Fairy Tail 431 begins as Gray and Natsu blow everything away, even Lucy gets into it by using her Earth Wave, using her Taurus form allows her to get stronger. She nearly get caught however Gray just freezes him. Even he bashes down quite a few people. Then Natsu uses his hands and roar to blow away so many people.

Briar and Jerome talk about fighting back. Jerome wants to go fight Erza while Briar mentions that she’ll she them how scary black magic really is. Jerome mentions that he’ll purify them with his Dark Sword and forbidden black magic. Erza uses her sword and battles everyone.

Then jumps off and changes her form to a dress and lots of swords surrounding her, she gets up and spins allowing the swords to kick everyone around her away. The swords come back to her forming her wings. Jerome appears as he bashes on the swords on Erza. It dissolves them with the acid-like magic Jerome has.

Erza and Jerome both swig their swords with Jerome making Erza back off a little, however when Erza swings her sword, we can’t see it, Erza just mentions that her sword disallows the enemy seeing it touch them. She quickly and swiftly defeats him in just a few moves. Fairy Tail 431 ends here.

Fantastic first episode of the day, we got one more Fairy Tail chapter to go, this being Fairy Tail 432, titled “Briar in Love”. We see even more characters appear in the next chapter.

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