Gray and Juvia! Briar Defeated – Fairy Tail 432

Fairy Tail 432 see’s Gray and Juvia once again meeting after nearly 6 months, on top of which Lucy faces Mary who with the help of returning Wendy see’s all abilities from Mary to do nothing but be neutralized. Gray and Juvia stand together and quickly try to defeat Briar who uses her clone magic.

Fairy Tail 432 begins as as Briar faces against Gray who asks why he would do ouch a thing. Gray tells her that he would never work with them, they’re just murderers. Briar mentions that it’s not killing, it’s purification. She asks about END, to which Gray mentions that he’d like to eventually destroy it the correct way, to which then him and his dad could be happy.

Taurus and Lucy’s stomach begin to get worse as Mary approaches, she mentions that as her virus gets in there, it can affect them by so much. On top of which they both feel like pooping. She mentions that as Fairy Tail wizards, she never thought she to be so weak.

Lucy begins to get up, Mary then goes onto mention that her virus can also affect the brain, as this happens we see that Wendy appears and dispels all of Mary’s abilities then enhances Lucy’s body on top of this.  Mary goes to attack Lucy, however Lucy turns round and punches Mary in the tummy for all that she has done to her.

Gray attacks Briar making her split herself, she enables it all and gets four copies, a raging ,smiling, grieving and one which is in love. They all have their own weird personality, on top of which the one in love begins to talk about her feelings towards Gray when Juvia appears and quickly smacks Briar for this.

As three are left, Gray just freezes all of them, all the soldiers around them are also frozen, Juvia and Gray talk a little as Gray says that he’s sorry and will explain everything later. They strip their clothes and begin their battle with the remaining soldiers around them.

Wendy enables her Dragon force and uses her Sky Dragon’s Wave Wind to disperse most of the soldiers around them. They also got stronger, everyone battles on when the Priest Arlock is asked to back off as only some wizards blasted through 2000 soldiers. Natsu got closer mentioning that they’re Fairy Tail wizards, on top of which Arlock mentions that this was all predicted as they wait for Ikusatsunagi to shake the earth, that’s when Purification will begin. Fairy Tail 432 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, and as Arlock had predicted this would happen, it’s only right to say that he is probably really strong. To which I also believe that he’ll be the one that Natsu will have to defeat now, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 433, titled “Ikusatsunagi”, with a double chapter next week too.

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    1. Sunite

      The chapters are out, MangaReader has them on their website. Mangastream are more accurate with translation but take more time, mangareader are quick but quality and translation suffer.


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