Kakashi’s Face May Be Revealed In Naruto Exhibition Guestbook

We know Kakashi to always wear a mask within all the stories, even when he doesn’t we see Masashi Kishimoto obscure his face so fans of the series have never actually seen his full face. This may change during the Naruto Exhibition Guestbook as we see Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura discussing how to best uncover Kakashi’s face.

Naruto Sasuke Sakura ComicWe’ve even had a full episode dedicated to this question of what Kakashi looks behind the mask he wears. On the 25th of April, in Tokyo, Japan, we may finally see it in it’s true glory as it seems that we might get to see Kakashi’s face. It seems that Kakashi will be illustrated by Kishimoto himself. At the guestbook event, there will also be a guidebook including a conversation between Kishimoto and Eiichiro Oda (creator of One Piece) in a rather long conversation.

No true information was released on Kakashi’s face, however from what it seem, and all the spoilers I think it might be coming out way. Nevertheless, what do you think he looks like? Go ahead and comment down below. Big nose? big lips? large cheeks? weird teeth?

Source: CN

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