Gray is Code Blue! Infiltration Mission – Fairy Tail 429

Fairy Tail 429 gets into gear as Lucy nearly gets cut in half when Gray shows up to freeze Goumon just before he’s cut in half. It seems that all this was in fact Gray’s mission as Erza and Gray have been in contact all this time trying to infiltrate Avatar in order to crumble it in from the inside.

Fairy Tail 429 see’s Natsu, Lucy and Happy all in a jail cell, they try and figure out what’s gotten into Gray. Goumon arrives as Natsu tries to scare him into telling him to bring Gray to them. Goumon tells them that they left for Operation Purification. He remained tells them that he’s there to torture information for them.

Goumon mentions that Operation Purification is to purify all souls, by which death will bring Zeref to them. Goumon talks about cosplaying as Zeref with the tattoo he has on his head. He thinks it says Zeref, but in fact it says matcha. He quickly flicks his fingers and puts Lucy on the top.

He begins to control him the chains and even pushes out Happy and Natsu to the walls. He shows his torture tools and asks which one he should start with, then settles on licking by which he explains that letting a goat lick the soles of the feat covered with salt goes as far as the goat eating the flesh too.

Goumon ties down Lucy as he prepares, however Natsu just gets even more angrier and mentions that Natsu believes in Gray that they’re still friends. Goumon gets pissed off, Lucy gets stretched and Goumon begins to get pissed of, he quickly mentions that he’s done messing around and grabs an axe.

He stretches up and goes to chop Lucy, however out of nowhere Goumon gets frozen solid in the last possible second as Gray shows up. Gray mentions that they’re ruined everything, on top of which Gray contacts Code Red and talks to them mentioning that he’s got trouble there.

The mark on Gray’s body begins to disappear as he carry’s on their conversation. Natsu is given the phone when he talks to Erza on the other line, it seems that Gray’s infiltration mission has gone up in flames. Seems like Gray and Erza have been working for a while on this. Fairy Tail 429 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, it seems that Gray was not as bad as we thought, and the Code Blue and Red names are fantastic, on top of which we’ve got a Fairy Tail 430 chapter coming up, titled “Operation Purification”. Two awesome chapters.

What do you think?

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