Natsu after Avatar! Gray to kill Frosch!? – Fairy Tail 425

Fairy Tail 425 reveals a mystery to what Future Rogue told Natsu of who killed Frosch, which is supposedly Gray. We see Natsu stop current Rogue and Minerva in their job to destroy Avatar as Natsu quickly takes over and heads towards Avatar in an effort to find Gray and bring him back to Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail begins with Natsu, Lucy and Happy going towards Sabertooth while Carla and Wendy stay to aid Juvia with her fever. Natsu and others get to the town and quickly head towards their guild, Lucy asks if he thinks that Sabertooth will have info on Gray here.

Natsu turns around while riding this huge beast and tells Lucy that he believes in Gray, if he stops believing then he’ll never get any information from here. Natsu gets serious and tells Lucy that he’s going to bring Gray back no matter what. They get to the guild hall, they tell them that when Fairy Tail shut down, a lot of the jobs went towards Sabertooth.

Lucy tells Yukino that they’re planning on bringing back Fairy Tail, to which Sting arrives to say hello, he’s fat now! Natsu and Sting talk while Lucy doesn’t know whats going on. Lector mentions that Minerva and Rogue have gone to a mission, they recently left.

Natsu heads off as quickly as he can with this information to catch up to them. Sting returns to his normal form with the help of Libra and Yukino, as it’s mentions that they had a eating competition and he just ate loads! Natsu catches up to Rogue stopping him. He catches him and removes him from there, trying to talk to him alone.

Minerva and Lucy are alone as Natsu and Rogue go for a talk. They all meet up, when Lucy asks what happened to him to which Minerva mentions that at the food festival, he ate a lot. Lucy also asks why they didn’t show up at the Grand Magic Games, to which Sting mentions that a tournament without Fairy Tail isn’t worth entering.

Minerva then goes onto saying sorry about what she did to her last year to which Lucy tells her that it’s all okay now. Minerva even mentions that after Fairy Tail disbanded, she felt upset. However, Lucy tells her that it’s still in our hearts and they’re planning on bringing it back.

Natsu asks Rogue for the job that he’s going into, which is to Destroy Avatar, Natsu realises that it’s possible where Gray is and that he’s going to take this job. Rogue tells him that the job has been given to Sabertooth and that he’s not allowed since he’s not with a guild. When Natsu tells Rogue that he is with Fairy Tail!

Natsu tells Rogue that he will do the job, in exchange he can keep all the rewards from the job. Natsu even tells Rogue to promise to keep himself and Frosch in the city under all circumstances until he is back. Natsu and Lucy go on ahead to the job, he tells Minerva to keep an eye on Rogue and Frosch, not to let them leave the city.

We see images of Future Rogue from the Grand Magic Games Arc last year when he reveals that one year from now, Frosch will die, the killer of Frosch will be by the hands of Gray! Natsu seems to have figured our that Gray is going to kill Frosch, and all this if Minerva, Rogue and Frosch went on this mission, thus Natsu takes over. Fairy Tail 425 ends here.

Fantastic chapter, haven’t had such a dialogue heavy chapter in a while, Gray and Natsu will probably go head to head, however it’ll be hard since Gray seems to have been taken over by something weird, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 426, titled “Black Heart”.

There are 5 comments

    1. grasshopper

      I’m guessing you don’t rememberit, but Natsu has said before, that he doesn’t see animals like transportation, so he doesn’t get motion sickness


  1. sieg

    Yeah, you don’t say when natsu serious, he’s forgot that he got motion sickness, just can’t wait etherious natsu vs demon version of gray 😀


  2. Deepak singh

    Well, after knowing that gray killed frosch means gray has seriously changed its goono be 1 hell of a fight to see.. But how will lucy and nastu two ppl will fight the whole guild… I guess on their way they might meet some1 else too ??


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