New Anime’s Arriving Spring 2015

It’s another year and we’ve got a massive lineup for this spring time for anime, there are some fantastic upcoming anime from Fate/Stay Night to Gintama and Baby Steps to Arslan Senki. There are a few anime from the list which I’m excited about, go on ahead to see the full list.

Spring 2015 New AnimeSo which one of these are you waiting for? Go ahead and comment down below telling us all which anime you’re waiting for. Go ahead and also share this page with other fans who may find this interesting.

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  1. dreager1

    Don’t leave us in suspense Sunlite, which ones are you looking forward too!?
    Battlespirits, Duel Masters, Yugioh (Already saw it, but an HD remaster is always cool), DBZ (Watching it in theaters in a few months) and Buddyfight (Currently watching) are the all stars on this list for me!


    1. Sunite

      Haha, hmm Fate Stay Night would be one for sure, Arslan Senki (began reading the manga, the anime should be really good, lots of politics/religions and war/fighting in this one (I think)). A friend of mine was waiting for Gintama (although I need to catchup myself), Baby steps in terms of sports anime, catching up though. And movie wise, defo DBZ!


      1. dreager1

        Sounds like a solid roster then. Spring break is nearly here, which certainly frees up a bunch of time! I aim to use it to catch up on reviews for my site and maybe marathoning through most of the 90’s Superman show.


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