Fairy Tail’s Tartarus Arc begins 4th of April

You may have noticed that Fairy Tail has been in a filler-frenzy  for a while now, however following the 4th of April, we’ll get introduced to the latest Tartarus Arc where we meet a new guild with a whole lot of awesome action and adventure. Check out the trailer by reading on.

The official website for Fairy Tail showed this promotional video for the arc on Saturday. The text in video reads:

A new story begins from a village where giants are encased in ice!! A creeping new enemy… Suddenly taking a child’s form… The new chapter, Tartarus arc, enters the battle! This will be a one-sided extermination. No one will remain alive.

I can’t wait for the arc, It feels like a really long time since we got a canon episode for Fairy Tail. Comment down below telling us what you feel about this fantastic upcoming arc. For everyone that reads the manga, you should know that this arc is pretty awesome! Share this to all the fans!

Source: ANN

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