Laxus, The Lightning Man – Fairy Tail 225

Fairy Tail 225 focuses on Laxus and his crew as they receive a job from a town which is supposedly cursed by a lot of lightning and lightning creatures. Laxus goes on to investigate when he realises that he had left a lot of electricity in the city when he was drunk and tried to fight a couple of people in the city before the Grand Magic Games.

Fairy Tail 225 begins as Laxus and his team are given a specific task by a village to which they all set out to go and complete, it seems that it’s a mission only he can solve. They get to the village off Borwatt, where it’s covered with nothing but lightning. The lightning lands on top of the houses and gets grounded.

A lot of the people there cannot go out for this reason, Laxus appears and tries to block the lightning that has just landed upon him, then roars to the sky clearing the thunderclouds. The village’s folk come outside and cheer for Laxus, even the mayor comes out to greet him, telling him that he was the one to call him.

They go to the mayor’s house when the mayor explains to him that it’s all because of Laxus, he had caused this problem upon the village a week or do before the Grand Magic Games, he was faces by a gang of thieves when he had used his electricity to kick their asses.

After their meeting, Laxus agrees to help the village but the mayor seems to be planning something as Evergreen also knows that he may be doing some weird. They go the village where the lightning has once again begun. They go on ahead to fight strange electrical creatures which Laxus just absorbs, they notice electricity coming up from the ground.

Laxus and his team decide to go to the sewer system when he notices a large store of his magic, he fights it off when he notices a lacrima which had trapped his magic there. He notices that the mayor had done this, he goes to the mayor’s house to kick his ass for doing this, the village will be okay now. The mayor nearly gets his asses kicked when his grand child appears. Laxus and others go back to HQ without payment, Fairy Tail 225 ends here.

Good episode, wasn’t expecting a lot from this story, but it seems to have delivered a short yet amusing story, good to see Laxus back to his normal self, next week’s Fairy Tail 226, titled “Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeen”, focus on most of them as they face something strange.

What do you think?

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