Nick’s Top Three Bleach Quincies

Hello everyone my name is Nick Dunn. I am a regular here at this blog. I want to give a shout out to Sunite, the owner of this awesome blog I came across around 2 years ago when Bleach entered Its final arc. Sunite asked me to do a guest post here on his blog. I was speechless and honored at the same time. He said I could write about anything.

Bleach Quincy by therainbowskyMy favorite anime is Bleach. I first watched Bleach back in 2004, I was very young and it is the first serious anime I really got into, followed by Naruto the next year. I love Bleach so much guys I really do. Doesn’t make it the best anime/manga, but I still enjoy it and love Tite Kubo for creating it.

This article will be what I currently find interesting about Bleach. The Sternritter. The group of Captain level Quincy that are the main forces for the Wandenreich Empire and the main rivals of the Shinigami/Visord characters. This group is very unique and their organization is based off of letters, which represent a Quincy’s Schrift ability, not based on power level Like the Espada.

I want to talk about by my favorite members of the Sternritter. Yhwach, Liltotto Lamperd, and Giselle Gewelle. Some people believe the Sternritter were just regular humans, they were in fact regular Bow wielding Quincy like Uryu, Masaki, Ryuken, and Katagiri. So with that being said, let’s go!!

Bleach 565 King of Quincys Yhwach Juha Bach by stingcunhaYhwach is the Emperor of the Wandenreich, Father of the Quincy, and represents letter A, The Almighty. This man is probably my most favorite anime antagonist I have ever seen. Yhwach has all the characteristics of an amazing villan. He strikes fear to his enemies, his leadership and wisdom is outstanding. In battle, he is ruthless and so powerful, not even a handful of individuals can take him on. His Schrift ability is by far the most strongest and haxed ability I have seen in an anime. The Almighty allows Yhwach to see the future, understand his opponents powers, and render them useless. This power seems so haxed, even if Ichigo and whoever else helps him overpower The Almighty, he still has a Vollständig. Which only Kubo knows.

This origins seem pretty straight forward. He is given a Jesus Christ past. He was born not being about to do anything, but had no fear. Anyone that touched him become stronger. But only Sternritter level Quincy can handle a piece of his soul. While all Quincy have their own unique Schrift ability, they need a piece of Yhwach’s Soul to achieve their true power. Just recently, we found out Yhwach’s father is the Soul King. Which makes sense, Yhwach = Jesus Christ and Soul King = God. So I wasn’t surprised but I was still excited. So Kubo could keep doing a Jesus past, like Yhwach’s mother could have been the first Quincy, and Soul King came to the World of the living to met her. From Yhwach’s appearance, I believe Yhwach is from Israel like Jesus Christ was. I am also curious what else Yhwach has been through. Because no one is truly evil, and even someone like Yhwach must have been through something terrible to become what is his today. His plans in my opinion could be two things: He wants to kill the Soul King and take his place as the new Soil King, make Uryu the Emperor of the Wandenreich and be the leader of the Quincy, and make his Elite Guard the Quincy version of the Royal Guard. Or he wants to kill the Soul King because he wants everyone to die and just hates life all together.

Bleach 597 Liltotto Lampart Eats by bankaizeroLiltotto Lamperd is by far my most favorite Sternritter to this day. When she was introduced, her first line was calling Bambietta Basterbine a bitch and or slut. Which made me laugh so hard! While many people do not like her or give her much praise as they do to Bazz-B or As Nodt, I for one am one of the ones that do give her that said praise. She became My favorite Sternritter when she identified Ichigo first as a special war potential, when her allies did not. That’s why I call the female knights Liltotto’s crew, not Bambietta’s Crew anymore. Cause she seems to be the true leader and Bambietta just thinks she was cause she stole Bankai.

While she is young, she is one of the most level headed Sternritter around. Her personality is not only intelligent, but she has good sense of leadership. During the fight with Ichigo, she was the one giving the “orders” and the other Sternritter unquestionably agree. She said they need to try harder to take Ichigo down, she told off Bazz-B for trying to kill her allies with his Vollständig enhanced Burner Finger 1. And she said no one is working together, and that whoever kills Ichigo gets all the glory. Than when Renji, Rukia, Byakuya, Hisagi, Ikkaku, and Yumichika show up, she suggested they all go Vollständig to easily Defeat them. Which once again they all agree too.

This part is were so many people take back what they said about Liltotto. When she and Meninas were the last ones standing when the now OP Byakuya Kuchiki defeated Robert Accutrone, Candice Catnipp, and NaNaNa Najahkoop, with his Bankai. Which implies she is stronger than even them. From what Meninas said really intrigued me, she said its only logical they are the last ones standing based off of ability and power. Than when my least favorite character Pepe Waccabrada, decides to attack her and Meninas with his Schrift The Love, which he had Meninas attack Liltotto, which really pissed me off, just because he wanted to take credit for killing everyone. Of course, my girl got her revenge, defeated Meninas but didn’t kill her, than still had the strength to kill Pepe Waccabrada in Vollständig with her Vollständig. Which again impressed me more.

Her Schrift ability The Glutton, allows Liltotto to stretch her mouth into a huge pair of jaws that eats anything. This ability seems boring, but it is very strong, and it was strong enough to even eat Ichigo’s Oken Clothing, which is like ultra mega defense, and Mask needed to go Vollständig and use Star Flash: Supernova to destroy Renji’s Oken Clothing, which is what protected him from the blast, and Rukia destroyed hers with her Bankai, and Ichigo’s clothing was completely destroyed by Candice’s Glavano Blast. So destroying these defense clothing really says something about these Quincy. I personally believe her Schrift can Devour the Reiyoku of an opponent, which makes her stronger, and makes her produce Reishi food to satisfy her endless hunger. I see her surviving this power draining and gaining her powers back, along with the other surviving Sternritter, and be the last Quincy rival for Rukia.

I believe she was one of the newest members of the Sternritter, although newer than Gremmy Thoumeaux. Her name origin is from Germany and Czech Republic. So I believe she lived in their or country and had full blooded Quincy parents. I think she was a prodigy and still is one like Toshiro, Gin, and Kaien were. I believe she could solve any problem without trouble, and her only reward she would ask is food. Any kinds of food would please her and make her strive even more. I think when Yhwach recruited her, she became the youngest Quincy in history be a Sternritter and achieve Vollständig.

Bleach 590 Giselle by seireiartGiselle Gewelle is my 2nd favorite Sternritter. Her personality is so mixed and unpredictable it’s awesome! She uses a goofy personality to tick her opponents to attacking her. She is one of the most conniving Sternritter I have seen along with Pepe Waccabrada. I do consider her the weakest member of Liltotto’s crew, she is one of the hardest Quincy to kill. Her endurance and stamina are very impressive. I mean she really is a zombie if she can take being almost cut in half, have her neck twisted from being thrown by Ichigo, take Bazz-B’s Vollständig enhanced Burner Finger 1, and have her heart stabbed by zombie Kensei, and still be okay.

While many people think Giselle is a man, I am not one of them. I don’t see her resembling a man in any shape of form. I just see Yumichika and Charlotte being bitches to her to aggregate her like they did during their last battle. She seems to be very offended when someone calls her a man, and not in a way like she’s hiding something. More like surprise and anger. Cause if ya’ll don’t know, I have a very high pitched voice, and sometimes on the phone I have been called mam before, which does make me aggregated. So I kid a know what she is doing through.

But Kubo is the biggest troll in the world, and I believe if these comments about her gender keep happening, I think she is transgender. Which really wouldn’t be a problem to me. I like that Kubo reaches out to all types of people like homosexuals and cross dressers. In fact I am actually bisexual. So I like that Kubo does that sometimes. Plus I think Giselle is bisexual as well, sense she really likes Bambietta, and I bet turning Toshiro, Kensei, Rangiku, and Rojuro into zombies tuned her on too.

The thoughts about Giselle’s origins were interesting if I do say so myself. Giselle is French and so is Gewelle. And her A Schrift and letter is The Zombie. So I can only come up with one place that has both French and Zombie origins: Haiti. The former French colony in the Caribbean along with the Spanish said of the island, Dominican Republic.

I believe Giselle’s father was a high class naval officer along with her high class mother. I think when she was very young, her parents moved to Haiti to invents in a plantation. And before the French came, the local natives used to practice zombification or turn people into zombies. This is related to Vodou religion brought to Haiti by the African Slaves. I think the last sight of a Haitian zombie was like 70 or so years ago, and I man saw his wife walking around with no emotions what so ever. But the man said his wife has been dead for 10 years. Unlike her parents, Giselle was very interested in this practice. One thing led to another, and with the help of her knowledge of Quincy spells, she was able to become a zombie herself. I believe Giselle, along with BG9, are the only two Quincy that are dead, cause all Quincy are living humans like you and me. I guess you can count Gremmy Thoumeaux if you want, sense he is just a brain in a jar.

Well that’s it! These are my favorite Quincy! I hoped you enjoyed my rambling. I also want to thank Sunite for letting me express my love for these three Quincy. So tell Sunite and I what’s your favorite Quincy. Thanks again you’re the best! If you’d like to check Nick out, do so on his Facebook page.

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  1. Kurosaki z

    No problem..are you only follow bleach and naruto ?..i know naruto first because naruto already airing in my country before bleach..but i love bleach so much..kubo art is amazing and i love the story..btw this my list top 3 stern ritter..
    -yhwach=same as you for me he is the best villain in the manga and anime universe, hax power, incredible durability, wisdom..calm,perfect to don’t need young face to become popular.
    -as nodt=my favourite for male stern ritter..scary and he style make me love him..
    -lilltotto=her body is like child but not her personality..her leadership is the best and i agree with you, lily is the strongerst femritters..
    Sorry for my bad writting..


    1. Nick Dunn

      Oh thanks Ugozim! I have other back story theories about the other Sternritter. I mean I started thinking about them when As Nodt’s past was revealed. As seems like he lived in Belgium or Netherlands sense his name is Dutch. And the bible by his bed was spelled in Dutch I believe.


  2. shodic

    Awesome and interesting article, you have to do more. I think too Yhwach is the best villain of all time; My favourite top three sternritter are As nodt, Kirge and Greemy.


    1. Nick Dunn

      Thanks man! I have more theories about the other Sternritter. Like for example, Gremmy Thoumeaux, I believe he was the last Quincy to be recruited to the Sternritter. His last name is French Canadian, so I believe Gremmy was born in Montreal Canada. I believe Gremmy had very rich parents, and they were close to his parents, he had many toys, and his imagination ran wild with new ideas and playing games. While he was a Quincy, he was not very interested in improving his skills, all we wanted to do was play games and imagine things. One day, Gremmy and his parents were on a plane flight to Paris France, but than something stopped the engine, and the plane started to plummet down at a dangerous pace, Gremmy was holding on to his parents for dear life. He was the only one to survive, and his body was completely destroyed. He became a vegetable, and only his brain was functioning.

      That’s when Yhwach recruited him as Sternritter V, The Visionary, And Gave Himself A New body. But sense he did not control his Schrift, he became very dangerous, and Yhwach locked him away. During his imprisonment, Gremmy used his Schrift to created a replacement for Sternritter V, until he is free again, Guenael Lee, and became Sternritter V, The Vanishing Point. Because he was created by a crazed and dangerous child, Guenael’s Schrift ability is to erase himself for anyone’s memories. Which is why he used The Vanishing Point on Gremmy. Hope you liked this theory about Gremmy Thoumeaux and Guenael Lee 🙂


  3. Jugram Haschwalth

    nice my favorite char..1Yhwach is my love favorite all villain anime he is the best very strong very powerfully..2 jugram haschwalth he is so calm and confident his ability..3 bazz b very hot headed just like grimjaw here my favorite char in bleach final arc ..


  4. AJ

    Well I’m late as the fuck but Nick probably already knows my top 3 lol. So I guess I’ll go. 1. Candice Catnipp, this girl right here not only burned down zaraki but to add on to it she fought a fresh overpowerd ichigo who is stronger then ever. People just don’t give her credit and look down on her because she lost to ANOTHER freshly overpowered character Byakuya. The fact that she off set ichigos new attack, took idk how many building slammings+group cushions, used her volstandig for the longest second to Quilge out of all sternritters( I really think she went longer than Masc,As,and Bambi). Candice is a fast and versatile character which is why she’s my top sternritter. 2. Meninas Mcallon, to be honest I view her as one of the most powerful because she did kind of fought ichigo but she held her own against a freshly OP byakuya while Candice, Nana, and Robert got taken down. I think she’s probably as strong as an nonholding back superman. I think people look down on superhuman strength characters but the shocking factor that always gets me is that people think Masc is stronger than her when in reality all she has to do is kill James and smash masc with either a fist or building. She doesn’t need to have cheers to get power , the girl is just that strong. I do believe if she would have gotten a lot of panel time like Candice or A whole chapter like Gigi, everyone would think different of her. Meninas is my second because she proved to be more than just a pretty face. Now my third the ever so deadly Liltotto Lamperd. Lil to me is the strongest female and normal stern second to ryod. I do think Meninas is her equal because she was brainwashed which probably gave her no type of tactical planning. I think if her and Meninas were to actually fight without the brainwash bs it would be a stalemate. The same can be said about Lil like I stated about Meninas. Lil is my third because she is intelligent, calm, and ruthless just like me. Because if someone were to fuck me over, you better believe I’m going to be in your face.


  5. Nick Dunn

    That’s cool AJ I like them all too! Ya, dome people give Candice shit and stuff, yet they bow down to Bazz-B and think he’s the strongest Sternritter. If anything, he is as strong as Candice. She is very fast and strong. I was mostly impressed when she blocked Ichigo’s Getsuga Jojisho with just a physical electric attack, even though it blew off her arm, she was okay. Plus, I believe her Eletrocution attack is just as strong as Bazz-B’s Vollständig Enhanced Burner Finger 4.

    I have my theory about her. She was a notorious crime lady of England. She ran drug trades and gang areas. Bazz-B was also a notorious gang leader of Ireland. Because they are Quincy, they have complete control over their gangs in either County. One day, they decided to talk out and discuss drags and such. Candice for the English gang, and Bazz-B for the Irish gang. When they were meeting, Yhwach came to meet them both. They first wanted to fight him. Until he explained his status as King and recruited them both in 1975.

    Meninas is also a good character I’ve come to enjoy. People think she is dumb, but compared to Mask, Bambietta, Bazz-B, and Candice, she is pretty level headed and smart. Despite her abilities. True she could defeat Mask. Like you said, his major weakness is James. All she has to do is fire her superman Heilig Pfeil at James and he will be obliterated and take forever to regenerate. At that time, she cab just beat the shit out of Mask. She is smarter and faster than him and he needs James to become a whole James crowd and cheer him on for Mask to use his Vollständig. So that’s another major weakness. At first I thought Meninas was the strongest female Sternritter, but Liltotto is the strongest. If they were to fight one on one, Liltotto would win but with Grievous or Sever injures. Their level of power different is like with Shunsui and Jushiro. Its a very thin difference.

    I also have a theory about Meninas. I remember a couple of months ago, you told me Meninas was probably in an abusive relationship. I couldn’t agree more. Her first name is Portuguese, and her last name is Scottish. I’m assuming she was born and raised in Portugal, and met a Quincy from Scotland. She loved him so much and he was amazing at first. After they got married, she moved to Scotland with him. Like all abusers, he became mean and hurtful towards her. He would hit her and talk down to her on a regular basis. Sense she was a lot stronger than her, his beatings didn’t hurt her so much, but emotionally it did. One day, she and her husband were out walking, she saw an ancient Celtic Temple, and said it was beautiful. He however said its ugly and she was stupid for liking something so old. Another couple overhead and said he was wrong and that he was an ass hole. Meninas thought to herself. If complete strangers can see how he really is, why am I with him? When he went to a pub, she decided to play her piano sense he doesn’t like it. He came home and screamed at her to stop. When she ignored him, he hit her with a scotch bottle, she still ignored him. So he took out his Quincy cross, and shit her in the back with a Heilig Pfeil. It didn’t hurt her, but blood splashed to the piano. She snapped silently and stood and punched him, broke his Reishi Bow and beat him to death. She cleaned the blood up and continued to play the piano when Yhwach Came And Recruited Her IN 1908


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