Etherious Natsu Dragneel (END)! Fairy Tail Disband – Fairy Tail 416

Fairy Tail 416 is an extra special chapter as we find out that END refers to Etherious Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail is disbanded as a guild, Natsu goes off for a year to train while others also pursue their own goals. Doranbolt has always been a member of Fairy Tail as he erases everyone’s memories of Lumen Histoire.

Fairy Tail 416 begins a week after the previous chapter with most of Magnolia in ruins, even the other downs have been affected by Face. Lucy is still upset with letting go one of the closest Celestial Spirit, Aquarius. Makarov talks about not actually rebuilding the guild this time. The town folk rebuild the guild but it seems that it’s not going to go their way.

It marks the end of an era, we see Laxus wake up, he seems upset as he mentions that he’s pathetic, as he can’t let this go. At this rate, he won’t be able to protect what’s important to him. Wendy regains her original hair length with the help of her Celestial Spirit from Lucy.

Gajeel is just sleeping everywhere, he’s with Levy at this point. It seems that everyone experienced a painful parting with the dragons. Even Natsu is okay, they’re at their house. They have around 13 million jewels, they say that they should have much more, however it seems that they’ll just work something out.

They write a letter. Elsewhere we see Gray at the grave of Mika, his mother, and Silver who is his father. Juvia arrives and tells him that she has something to say. She mentions that she was the one who took down the necromancer that was controlling Silver. She mentions that she no longer has the right to love Gray. She begins to cry as Gray approaches her.

Juvia mentions that she was the one who killer his father. Gray grabs her as he falls apart in front of her. He begins crying as he thanks Juvia. He falls to the ground as he begins to say sorry, he repeats himself and cries. Juvia mentions that he seems warm as she holds him close.

Now we see Erza who remembers the torture she endured when she begins to think of the time when she was a lot younger. However, she hears a familiar voice telling her that she’ll be okay, and not to worry. It’s Jellal, who tells her that she knows the weakness and strength of man well enough, thus telling her to continue into the path of light like she has done all along.

We now see a group in which it seems that they’ve been recruited by Jellal. Cobra, Midnight, Angel, Racer and Hoteye all appear with Jellal and Meredy who are now part of them, Jellal seems to think that they’ll meet again soon. At Sabertooth, we see Sting, Rogue with Minerva who all return. They all welcome her back with cheers!

We see with Doranbolt and Makarov that the guild building is no longer. Doranbolt mentions that he’s erased the memories of everyone about Lumen Histoire. He’ll do his in a little bit too, however he doesn’t like messing with his own memories. Makarov mentions that he doesn’t have to, now that he’s relieving him of his duties.

Makarov quickly shows Doranbolt that he’s had the Fairy Tail emblem all along! He tells him that he’s always been a part of Fairy Tail, he had erased his own memories to make it easier to sneak into the council. He is the kind of guy who would sacrifice himself to protect the guild. He is shocked about it all. Makarov mentions that it’s all over, everyone has chosen their own path.

It’s the end of an era, and that will provide them the way forward. Fairy Tail will not disband! Lucy goes into her house expecting someone to be there, however she walks in to no one. She see’s a letter with Natsu’s handwriting. He mentions that he and Happy will go on a journey while training and they’ll be back in about a year or so.

Thus he wants her to take care of everything. She begins to run outside to find them, she begins to mentions that if they did something like this, she will be all alone! It seems that everyone is determined to do their part as Gray and Juvia stand tall, so does Erza. Laxus, Gajeel, Wendy, Doranbolt and Makarov have all done their part.

Natsu says that he’s going for now, to which he’ll come back stronger so he can protect all of them. We see Zeref sat down in a place where there seems to no nearly no light. He looks out of the windows into which he mentions that he wants Natsu to try and overtake him, then refers to END, or rather Etherious Natsu Dragneel! Fairy Tail 416 ends here.

An unbelievably long and awesome chapter, it made me happy to see such a wonderful and exciting chapter. Everyone will most likely come back even stronger. Can’t wait to see Fairy Tail 417, titled “Solitary Journey” when we may come back after a years time to see their possible new looks!


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  1. Sapphira Dragneel

    Gray says Juvia is warm . Remember Juvia can regulate her body temperature coz she is water . Gray is always cold.

    AmaZING chapter . It’s too soon for Fairy Tail to end. I am going to miss the craziness when everyone is in the guild together . I don’t think we will get to see that again. ?
    No idea what Mashima has in store with regards to the final battle. But E.N.D is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with ,excited to see the final battle.


    1. Sunite

      Wait, really? I don’t believe that Gray said that she is warm. I think it was Juvia who said that he is warm. You can tell by the “sob, sob” on the right and you’re warm on the left to represent Juvia’s side.
      Yeah, it’ll take some time till we see everyone together in one place at one time.
      END is awesome, it’s probably some spell that takes over Natsu and uses his power and body to fight against Zeref. Or is some kind of copy of Natsu, he does’t want to unleash it because it will copy the current Natsu or something, thus wants for the real Natsu to get stronger.


  2. Anon

    Yeah, it was Juvia who said “you’re warm.” It’s interesting because as an Ice Mage, Gray’s temperature should always be cold.
    Overall, I both loved and hated the chapter. I can’t wait to see Natsu’s backstory and future arcs!
    I honestly hope they don’t do a year timeskip. Maybe a few months is okay. But I’d like to see what happens to the former guild members. And if Mashima’s going to make a ship canon, hopefully he doesn’t pull an AlBis and make it offscreen.
    I really felt bad for Lucy. Most of her loved ones left her, and now Natsu’s leaving for a year without saying goodbye personally. 😦 Also, I don’t think Lucy’s had a problem reading Natsu’s handwriting before. If you watched OVA 4, I think it was, you can see Lucy cleaning Natsu’s house and seeing what he wrote about their first mission together. Natsu probably had a really hard time writing the letter to Lucy. I mean, she was the only one he told about his leaving and even then, he couldn’t do it face to face.
    I’m really excited for chapter 417!!


  3. Rise

    Natsu said that he’ll come back in about a year, idk how long the tartaros arc takes place after the grand magic games, but I hope they reveal the person who killed frosh since a possible one year time skip might be coming


  4. Sapphira Dragneel

    My translation say “urghh…… ghh ” on the right side and “you’re warm” on the left side. It’s probably a really bad translation.
    I still wonder how exactly Zeref is going to use the book to revive E.N.D. Is it going to be similar to when Goku(DragonBall) transforms into an ape ?


  5. Sapphira Dragneel

    My translation say “urghh…… ghh ” on the right side and “you’re warm” on the left side. It’s probably a really bad translation. Juvia only speaks in third person though.

    I still wonder how exactly Zeref is going to use the book to revive E.N.D. Is it going to be similar to when Goku(DragonBall) transforms into an ape ?


  6. grayfullbuster622

    This chapter was interesting indeed i loved it Gray and Juvia FInally get Closer i Guess gray let Go of the Past now his only Ambition is to Follow his fathers Wish and Defeat End with the power he was Given it shocked me a little though To know natsu was E.N.D But Cmon we all knew that LOL… was Pretty Obvious the letters sounded so Familiar to.

    Btw Hey Sunite its been a long time since ive commented on here About a year or so I’m back to commenting though ^_^ I guess makarov Wanted to Disband Fairytail So that they can find they’re Own path to get stronger I actually dont mind though I kinda got tired of The friendShip togetherness I just Hope i Get to see gray get stronger within 1 Year since Natsu Said he was gonna be gone for 1 Year But I wonder How Everyone Will take it once they Find out Natsu is E.N.D.

    Also that gray and Juvia Scene Oh my Gawd haha loved it…..As for the other members of Fairytail i could care less About lisanna Elfman or Mirajane I’m only interested in How Strong gray is Gonna be in 1 yers time So i guess the next CHapter we move onto the next Arc Which is when they train throughout the time they’ve been given No offense But i Hope Gray comes up to Par with Natsu Dont want Him stealing all the spotlight now ^_^…..Anyway Thats all i ave to COmment on About This Section And Hey Mabritish.


  7. Sumaiya

    Everyone was kinda happy after the chapters ! Lucy was the only was crying !! Poor girl, whats she gonna do with out Natsu& Happy ?? I feel so sad for her


    1. Sunite

      She needs to grow up, I wish and hope for Fairy Tail to become an manga I can truly say to be awesome. She is the only one who makes the manga child-like. If only she grew up and got more dangerous.


  8. DCore

    I don’t know if anyone considered this alternate meaning to END. My take on it is Zeref knew that the only one with the potential to defeat him and end it was Natsu although he currently isn’t ready. I think the entire Tartaros Arc and the build up to it was to give Natsu the necessary drive to train harder and eventually defeat him completely planned out from the beginning by Zeref. The book wasn’t anything special, it was simply a means to manipulate both sides into fighting so Natsu would eventually get stronger. Any opinions?


    1. Sunite

      Yeah agreed, it’s not just Natsu, it’s everyone. All the Dragon Slayers are still too weak and can’t really live up to that name since they can’t really kill any dragon’s yet. I hope they get seriously strong that the manga no longer becomes childish but in fact a much more grown up deadlier manga.


    2. Scooba steve

      I think natsu was end the whole time and part of him is sealed in the book because he made tartaros 400 years befor which also explains why he couldn’t get past that age barrier other than igneel being inside him and with half his power sealed igneel could change his memories because apparently dragons can do that


  9. michelrpg

    Heh… so Natsu is E.N.D? Truth be told I kinda rushed the manga by reading all 416 chapters in 4 days, so I missed out on the hints. So this really surprised me. I’m really curious how this is going to end. So we have Fairy Tail + other guilds on one hand, we have Zeref on another, and then theres Acnologia as a third party. And of course, there’s Natsu.. will he fight Zeref as E.N.D or as Natsu of Fairy Tail? Liked this chapter, glad I picked this moment to start reading the manga ^^


  10. Leo

    SERIOUSLY, It really shocked me that Natsu was really E.N.D. This was really a huge plot twist. Btw, the next arc excites me. But it quite made me sad that Makarov disbands Fairy Tail 😦 I’m gonna miss the guild’s moments T_T





  12. FairyTail-Sama

    (I’m really behind in the anime) I’ve only read this so far seeming as I’m into the anime of it not the manga, but I feel really bad for Lucy..She lost Aquarius and apparently she’s also loosing Natsu and Happy? Obviously Lucy’s going to cry about it all..
    Mirajane has Lisanna and Elfman.
    Laxus has his team and his grandfather.
    Wendy has Carla and Doranbolt.
    Gajeel has Levy and Pantherlily.
    Erza has Jellal or rather she likes being alone.
    Gray has Juvia.
    Romeo has his dad.
    Natsu has Happy…
    I know Lucy also has her spirits but she obviously needs somebody like Natsu. From this Natsu leaves Lucy behind when they were suppose to be ‘bestfriends’ (I’m NaLu all the way)


  13. bobthedoc

    i believe that natsu may have an evil side to him but its sealed in that book, think about it when igneel told natuso to get the book he told him ” DO NOT OPEN IT, DO NOT DESTROY IT” maybe the only one who can break the seal without magic is natsu because he is E.N.D, and zeref took the book on purpose so he could see if natsu could defeat him on his own.

    it seems like from the first showing of zeref he has always been fond of natsu and considering hes supposed to be the most evil wizard, and immortal it raises some bad signals, like, is natsu 400+ years old too? did he live in the time of the dragons? and if so did igneel not kill natsu but try to raise him up to be good? id imagine thats a 3rd reason for him being inside natsu. just a theory.


  14. Epiphany

    haha,, so thats why Natsu can’t get out of the barrier at the “Battle of Fairy Tail” he’s 400 years old! older than Makarov! gahahaha!


  15. AJokerOfCARDS

    I almost cried at this chapter. I guess that’s because I was listening to a song that had the lyrics ‘the journey ends’.


  16. Elano77

    Natsu and Zeref are brothers and the whole reason why Zeref began studing the dark arts was so that he could learn how to resurrect his younger brother, Natsu who died early. Because of this Zeref was thrown out of Arknesam academy and curse by the god of life and death that allowed him to perform unteachable magic. However, Zeref wanted to die from the start and began writing books and giving life to the creatures in the books cause he wanted those creatures to kill him. however, he wasnt able to do so as they all started worshipping him. He had preserved his dead brothers body and had created the END book. The book was instilled in Natsu who wrecked havoc for a while. My guess is that Natsu was preserved somehow and that Igneel trained him to be good instead of killing him. Igneel probably also tampered with his memories.


  17. Lauren

    I saw Natsu being E.N.D! I adore the series, it will definitely be an amazing turn of events.
    As a Nalu supporter I can only hope when the time does come Natsu loses himself to E.N.D but Lucy will bring back, through her always encouaging words of how much the guild and its members mean to her as well as Natsu. Bam! He remembers “love” for the guild, his friends.. Etc… Lol


    1. Sunite

      Oh that would be awesome to see, althought I think he’d turn into a dragon instead of a demon. I wouldn’t mind Lucy, but again I really would wanted to see more of Lisanna/Natsu.


  18. Brenden

    i believe that natsu is just the resurrected form of Zeref’s younger brother. He is also known as END by Zeref however Natsu doesn’t have END’s soul which is the book. END cannot be revived because he kind of is already alive. Just sleeping and seperated from the body. It will be a fight for control between END and Natsu souls and who ever is the victor gets to kill Zeref. Natsu has a choice kill END or let him live. Igneel tried and failed to kill END. He couldn’t do it and made a mistake in doing so.


    1. Sunite

      This is also what I thought, when the book is opened, it might enable him to get even stronger. I think this is what Zeref wants to accomplish. Giving him the strongest abilities to kill him.


  19. Natsulover3587

    I think it was kind of sad because fairy tail was disbanded. But I was happy that gray and juvia were together and he finally got over his past an started a new one! I’m happy about erza too! But not Natsu I wish he didn’t leave because Lucy is all alone, i bet she was hopeing to seperate with natsu, i liked watching episodes with all of them just goofing around in the guild but now they all seperated, I can’t wait to see how they are doing! I really want to se Natsu as the E.N.D too!


  20. Little formula 9

    This is crazy. I don’t remember most of this happening tho. Like to me some parts are made up. I don’t even remember natsu turning into his etherious form. What’s up with that. It the anime and manga different?


  21. dark king

    a like natsu a believe natsu is end a what to see natsu become end and he is the king and he can beat enywant he what he is most powerful man wen natsu is end everything will be hope then that meen natsu can kill zeref and acnologia but it can meen natsu goin to died natsu has to sakravase him self to save fairy tail wen end is waked will be horible natsu vs grey but a know natsu will beat grey because natsu is powerfull.


  22. Preeti Mahanta

    fairy tail was disbanded..i didn’t want that to happen…and natsu as E.N.D. unbelievable i don’t want see natsu and gray fight because of the E.N.D. thing…and i want natsu to end with lisanna rather than with lucy


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