Celestial Wizard’s Gottfried! Ophiuchus’ Plan – Fairy Tail 216

Fairy Tail 216 shows the Fairy Tail members trying to destroy everything in which Ophiuchus stands while Natsu tries to defeat her. Hisui, Lucy and Yukino try and activate Gottfried in which they try and get rid of the Liberum which traps them there. It’s in it’s final stages however they just try to disable and destroy it however else they can.

Fairy Tail 216 begins as Natsu flies up to try and stop Ophiuchus. Natsu tells the others to deal with the globe. Natsu attacks however Ophiuchus uses her charms whistle to use his attacks against him. Levy works out that there is something called the Trinity. It related to the father, son and the spirit. They work out that they need to destroy all this at once.

Altogether, they need to go ahead and destroy everything around them. Lucy and the others try and defeat it however it doesn’t work. Natsu and Happy are split to which the charms just put them against each other. However, none of them back out. They keep on battling. The others begin to destroy their surrounding. Gray and Juvia, so do Gajeel and Lily. Cana and Levy also do their part.

Deneb is called by Yukino, however he’s useless. Erza unleashes her armor and destroys her surrounding. Ophiuchus captures Natsu and smacks him around. Wendy uses her Sky Drill but it doesn’t work. Hisui is nearly killed however Arcadios gets in between to stop a large rock. He needs medical help from Wendy.

She begins helping him but it doesn’t seem to be working since the magic around them is affecting her abilities. Natsu can’t seem to do anything since he’s being beaten down. The others keep on destroying everything. Hisui thinks that it’s her fault, however the others help her. They tell her that it’s not her fault and that there may be a way, to use the Gottfried, or God Peace.

They unleash it, to which it directly uses their abilities against the Globe. It gets rejected however they keep at it to smack it and it seems to be working somehow. Natsu also unleashes his Black Fire Dragon Mode, Darkness Phoenix Blade! Fairy Tail 216 ends here.

A good episode, I guess. Just more fighting, I think I nearly felt asleep after this episode. Anyways, can’t wait when it turns normal and it seems that arc will finally finish soon in Fairy Tail 217, titled “Celestial Spirit Beast!”.


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