Ichigo’s True Zanpakuto Fan Animation Video

Bleach manga readers know that Ichigo had achieved a new form whereby he now dual wields his sword, it’s suspected that one is his Hollow part and the other his Shinigami side. This fan animation video shows Bleach 542 in which Ichigo and Nimaiya Oetsu helps Ichigo gains his true power by the help of Zangetsu and his Hollow part! This video is awesome! 

A brilliant animation by Rayjii D.P. who made this and the fan animation of Ichigo vs Yhwach. Be sure to check out his other animation, he has some pretty cool videos. Also be sure to go ahead and comment down below telling me what you think about this moment. It would be awesome to have the anime back and relive these moments in action! Here are some screenshots from the video above.

What do you think?

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