Mavis Meets Zeref! Black Magic of Ancselam – Fairy Tail Zero 7

Fairy Tail Zero 7 see’s Zeref and Mavis meeting for the first time, in which Mavis recognizes that Zeref has the old curse named Black Magic of Ancselam. Mavis asks for Zeref’s help in which she wants him to teach them magic to help them become stronger to help in the battle against the town. 

Fairy Tail Zero 7 begins as Mavis and the others are are hurt, they decide to make a camp out in the forest. Mavis goes ahead to go and get some water. Mavis looks down at the water, she tells herself that she wasn’t able to do anything, because of that she got her friends hurt. However out of nowhere, Zeref appears.

He gets out of the water, gets dressed and tells Mavis that she must leave. Out of nowhere, everything around Zeref disappears into dust as the trees and everything begins to die. Zeref mentions that everything that comes near him dies. Mavis quickly knows that this is the black magic of Ancselam!

She mentions that she’s only hurt of it in books, but it’s an old curse known as contradiction. The more he something dear to him, the more he will emit energies of death. However, if they think life is not precious, no death energy will be emitted. Zeref mentions that he’s never met anyone who knows the name of his curse.

He tries his best not to meet people, because of this he cannot touch anything. Mavis asks if he gets lonely. He mentions that he’s at joy that he can talk to her like this. However because of this, he could instantly kill such a person. He mentions that he doesn’t want anyone to die. He begins going when animals walk onto him.

Birds and many other animals walk towards him as he gets uneasy. Many appear, however none of them have disappeared. Mavis mentions that he can touch them if he likes. She mentions that they’re all illusions. He touches and mentions that they feel warm even if they’re not real.

Mavis mentions that she thinks this is fate as she thinks she’s an amazing wizard. She asks him if she could teach her and her friends some magic to battle the enemy. Later on, we’re introduced to Zeref to the others who goes on ahead to teach them with some magic.

Warrod learns magic based on trees, Yuriy learns magic on thunder, similar to that of Laxus. Precht is told that he has a few different types of magic he can learn. Zeref leaves as he mentions that the time he spent with them is something he treasures deeply. Mavis appears as the Black Mage Mavis. There were 10 days left before Fairy Tail was founded. Fairy Tail Zero 7 ends here.

A great chapter, it’s nice to know that Zeref is awesome with the fact that he had helped them learn such amazing magic. Can’t wait for the next Fairy Tail Zero 8, as we’ll probably learn about what happened next to the guild in Magnolia.


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