Watch Tokyo Ghoul Root A (Anime)

The second season of Tokyo Ghoul begins with Root A (or Tokyo Ghoul √A) where we continue the story of Kaneki who becomes a completely different person after transforming and becoming a lot less like himself. Unless you’ve read the manga, the current story follows Kaneki in his journey as he goes on ahead to join a different group called the Aogiri Tree. 

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Poster

If you’ve seen the first season, you’d already know how crazy this series is, it contains a lot of gore parts and scenes not suitable for children, the series is marked 17 or above, so if you’re younger then than, I don’t recommend it. Plus, I may be doing review episodes on these, not every week. It may be every couple of episodes to get more of my thoughts on the series so far. To watch it, use the Funimation link before, otherwise watch it on your favorite anime video website:

Watch Tokyo Ghoul Root A (Funimation Account Required)

If you already watch the series be sure to carry on watching this second season because I’m very sure we’ve got a lot more to watch in this series. It’s going to be even better. Be sure to comment below what you think about this series, also share this page. The link above is to the official Funimation website, due to copyright reasons I’m not technically allowed to post to unofficial website.


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  1. Lem Enrile

    I absolutely like Tokyo Ghoul because I have a thing for anime action series wherein the weak main character becomes a heroic one. However, I spoiled myself by reading the manga’s ending. And it was painfully awful. Despite that, I am still watching this second season.


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