Ophiuchus’ Plan! Celestial King’s Madness – Fairy Tail 215

Fairy Tail 215 continues with Natsu and others battling against Ophiuchus who reveals that all she is doing is for the King, thus it’s all been their plan. On top of which, Fairy Tail has helped in sending the Spirits back to where the King is, thus helping the King to obtain greater power, which has been their plan all along. 

Fairy Tail 215 begins as Ophiuchus looks at the sky as she waits a little longer. Natsu feels unwell after eating the dark magic from Loke. Erza and the others are walking when they hear a few words from Ophiuchus. Natsu is unable to fight because he feels a little tired.

Lucy and Virgo at it as Lucy gets her somehow, and this time so quickly. She pins her down and tells her that she is doing all this for them. However Virgo kicks her away and gets her balance again. Libra is also feeling uneven, Yukino tries to get her but it doesn’t work. They just battle and talk about how they’re not going back on their word.

Natsu is unable to block one of Ophiuchus’ attack when Arcadios shows up. Hisui and the snake talk about her words, as it’s mentions that it means that it’s all for the king. That this is all for the Spirit King. Now, Ophiuchus brings out the world she made and Natsu intervenes, however Arcadios helps.

Happy notices a glow from her stomach to which Natsu quickly powers up and smashes into that spot. The worlds begin to become unstable as they begin to collide. Yukino and Libra, plus Lucy and Virgo notice this and don’t know what to do. Natsu somehow uses his power to put Natsu and Yukino in the same world so they can both fight off against Virgo and Libra.

They quickly initiate Urano Metria which gives them a chance to send them back. They return to Natsu and the others. Ophiuchus smiles and laughs as she thanks them for sending all the Spirits back to the Spirit King. Now Ophiuchus has given the King absolute power whereby he can use in order to summon great power to use. The King seems to also have gone rogue. If this carry’s on, nothing will be left. Everything is being destroyed as we end Fairy Tail 215 here.

A good episode, seems like it’s getting interesting but it’s still not to my taste, I’m sure other people will like this episode. Anyways. A good episode overall. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 216, titled “Night of the Shooting Star” when we see Natsu and others fight back, Gajeel and others join in too.

What do you think?

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