The New Chunin Exams! Tsunade’s Plan – Naruto Shippuden 394

Naruto Shippuden 394 gets underway in 2015 as we step into a filler episode as we go back to the days when Naruto is still training with Jiraiya. He’s not seen anyone, who are all training hard, as well as the Akatsuki who haven’t done anything in over 2 years. Tsunade talks to Gaara, now the Kazekage, to reform the Chunin Exams.

Naruto Shippuden 394 begins as Naruto’s heartbeat slowly begins to slow down, everyone begins to get the jist of whats happening as both Naruto and Sasuke are dying right in front of them. Tsunade remembers that he’s always been the eye of the village. We go back when Tsunade gets word of Naruto’s training with Jiraiya as he’s making progress.

We see Naruto destroy a boulder with his Rasengan, to which Jiraiya begins to train him to use his inner power now. It’s been two years from when they all went into training. Everyone who’s training now always thinks of Naruto as they train in order to get better.

Gaara receives word from Tsunade in order to meet up to talk about something important. They get to the village and are quickly get information about the children in the exams. To which they talk about the Chunin Exams. Kankuro already knows they have a different motive.

Tsunade tells them that they’d like to use the exams as a way to lure the Akatsuki out from hiding. Gaara proposes that they hold the exams in their village. Temari mentions that Gaara can decide for himself as people from their council have to talk about it. Gaara already knows the risk, however he’d also like to use this opportunity to bring out the rebels from his own village.

Everyone in the council agrees to this and mention that it could be risky, however they can work on this. However, three people from the council are suspected by the other member to be at risk of having their own desires and plots. He tells them something they can use against Gaara, as they wish to kill him.

Tsunade tells Kakashi and Shizune about her plan to use Naruto to bring out the Akatsuki from their hiding, they must also be waiting to attack. Tsunade agrees to share the hosting of the exams, with half in the leaf and the other half in the sand. They begin to send out invitation to each villages in order to get the attention of the Akatsuki.

Gaara decides on who’s going with him sending 27 of theirs. Raikage doesn’t accept at all as they don’t know the stuff the Tsunade’s planning. Bee already knows about it and quickly raps and goes. Raikage declines. Mei Terumi, the Mizukage, also declines the offer. Onoki also declines as he thinks they’re testing the power of their force. Kakashi i sent the Rain village to give a personal invitation, as well as see how they’re doing. Naruto Shippuden 394 ends here.

A good episode, I’m not complaining about the episode as we’re seeing what’s happened in the bits that we see. However, it’s just killing everything from the death of Naruto and Sasuke as we saw in the previous episodes. I hope these fillers don’t last too long. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 395, titled “The Chunin Exams Begin”.


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  1. dreager1

    I hope that it is good because the rumor is that it’s going to go for at least 3 more months, but probably longer. The filler arc is supposed to be 13-26 episodes long I believe….I can’t believe they want to prolong the series this badly. That being said, it does seem like a pretty good plot so far so maybe it’ll end up being really good.


    1. Sunite

      I guess its okay to fill the gap that was missed between part 1 and Shippuden. But it running for 3 months will just make me angry, the story with Naruto and Sasuke are in its climax as it seems they’re about to die. I really hope that this filler arc doesn’t flop, I want it to be of something good. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Akatsuki again because I like them, so if they’re planning on using them, I hope something good happens.


      1. dreager1

        Yeah, I heard a while back that it will sow how Itachi and Kisame captured one of the Jinjuriki, but I forgot which one. That should hopefully be a good fight. I know that it’s definitely frustrating for a lot of Naruto fans who were on the verge of dropping the anime by this point. Hopefully, the filler is so good that we won’t notice…hopefully.


        1. LP EAST

          I think it will be the 7 tails Fu, as we saw her in the 395 preview, I’m hoping to see all the other Jinchurikis we didn’t see yet, (Yagura and Han). Besides, one thing the filler arcs do have, is that they show more of the supporting cast in action, I always found it annoying that Kisimoto didn’t show more of the supporting cast in action as well, like Rock Lee, Kiba, Neji and Shino etc, so this is the last opportunity we will get to see them in action, as this is most likely the last filler arc of Naruto.


          1. dreager1

            Yagura got his own filler arc a while ago though didn’t he? Wasn’t he the guy who blowed bubbles in the ice lady arc? I remember him putting up a decent fight before getting pwned.


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