Watch Parasyte -the maxim- (Anime)

Christmas break given me a lot of time to watch over many anime shows, one of which is the anime Parasyte -the maxim, it follows the story of a young school boy named Shinichi Izumi. Parasites, described as alien creatures, arrived in silence taking over humans by invading the brain of the individual. Shinichi was also affected, however the parasite failed to take his body over as his right hand was taken over by the parasite.

Parasyte the maxim

Shinichi names this parasite Migi, together with it they form a friendship and find themselves caught fighting and taking down humans who have been taken over by this parasite. I caught up to this show in less than a day, it really growing on me. I’ll be waiting to see how this show goes on. You can watch it by clicking on the link below:

Watch Parasyte -the maxim-

The way the series is going, it seems that it’s just getting started. It’s going to be a 24 episodes kind of anime so I’ll be waiting for it to get a lot more gory and intense. If you already watch it be sure to say what you like about it, let’s have a conversation.

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