Madara Captures Tailed Beasts! Gaara Battles – Naruto Shippuden 392

Naruto Shippuden 392 see’s Madara’s ambitions come to life as he captures all Tailed Beasts and regains one of his Rinnegan from the hands of Obito. Madara uses its powers to fight Gaara and the Tailed beasts in an effort to become the Jinchuuriki of the Ten Tails. Naruto realises that he himself helped Madara obtain what he’s currently doing. 

Naruto Shippuden 392 as Madara faces everyone, they know that it’s not a good idea to come between the Beasts and Madara. They fight against him, to which he pulls out a few good moves however Gaara controls his movement with his sand, then he’s hit around everywhere. He’s then quickly sealed in a massive pyramid.

However seconds later he uses his Susanoo to break out as he’s no longer a fake, he’s been reborn. Naruto appears and also smashes him, the other Beast use their trails to smash him to the ground to which it cuts his right hand.

While later Zetsu appears and to tell him that he’s got his eye, he’s armed is also replaced by Zetsu’s. He now has his Rinnegan back which he brought him. He laughs since he can feel his pain once more. Kurama notices that he’s about to summon something.

He does so, the  Gedo Mazo appears from Obito to which Kakashi tries to use Kamui on it, however it doesn’t work. The Beasts realise now that he may be back to life, Naruto realises that it was his fault that Obito helped in him coming back to life.

Zetsu tries to remove the other Rinnegan but resist and fights back. Kakashi and Minato are prepared to kill Zetsu once he is clear of Obito. Madara gets on the Gedo Mazo and uses his Limbo technique which smacks all the Beasts around, then gets the collars out to which he gets them in it.

He begins to pull all of them, Naruto can’t seem to do anything, Zetsu tells him that he needs to get them into the Gedo Mazo in order. Shukaku is pulled first but Gaara resists it being pulled. He remembers when he was small, then remembers when his previous Jinchuuriki said that it’s no about what species you are, but just about being friends.

Shukaku see’s something in Gaara that he thought he’d never see before. This leads him to protect Gaara from an attack, however Madara just cuts the chain and rejoins it at another point, then going ahead and pulling Shukaku back. Naruto Shippuden 392 ends here.

A good episode I guess, seeing a bit of Gaara’s past with Shukaku, on top of which we have Madara back. And Naruto can’t seem to do a lot about whats currently going on. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 393, titled “A True Ending”, might see Naruto’s possible death?

What do you think?

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