Kishimoto Interview for “The Last” Naruto The Movie and Movie Ending Spoilers

“The Last” Naruto The Movie will be officially showing on the 6th of December in Japan, however through the power of early previews and fans taking pictures at early showings, “The Last” Naruto The Movie has already been spoiled by it’s up coming ending, if you don’t want to know, don’t read on.

Masashi Kishimoto was interviewed for his latest movie, also some new fantastic information, watch the interview down below.

Also here are some additional movie scenes from the movie, including Naruto’s yellow Rasenshuriken!

Now here are some of huge spoilers for the ending of the movie, it shows Naruto and Hinata floating in the air, kissing as they finally embrace in front of the moonlight.

If these are legit images from the movie itself, then it seems that we’ve already been spoiled of the movie. Tell me what your thoughts on the videos and images are, were you waiting to watch the movie? It’ll take some time till we get a DVD copy out. Nevertheless, be sure to comment down below telling me your opinion.

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