Cosplay: Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night)

You may have heard of the Fate/Stay Night franchise, well I’m totally digging the current Unlimited Blade Works series, although holding back on exploring due to potential spoilers. Nevertheless, it’s been a while since I posted some fantastic cosplay, and since Monday’s have been taken over by Fairy Tail manga, here is Rin Tohsaka in all her glory.

I’m absolutely loving the anime, the battles scenes, story and animations are just fantastic. I couldn’t ask for more, it’s probably one of the better series I’ve watched in a while. Nevertheless, the cosplay above is fantastic, it’s done by 0kasane0 who has a number of some really great cosplay, definitely worth a check.

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  1. Lusindiso Haarvoor

    Yes your right it is one of the better anime series today. And don’t think your the only one loving it . ME and my friend in South-Africa also dig in to it . We are also spreading the news. And let more people join the battle for THE HOLY GRAIL.


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