Gray’s Demon Bow! Natsu Gray vs Mard Geer – Fairy Tail 411

Fairy Tail 411 see’s Gray save Natsu, he relies on his power when Natsu enables his Dragon Force allowing Gray to prepare and shoot his Demon Arrow towards Mard, he gets a critical hit. Gray and Natsu are both worn out, they’re powers are next to zero, enable to battle even an inch further. 

Fairy Tail 411 begins with Mard looking at everything he’s done, mentioning that it’s a curse. However seconds later we see Gray and Natsu out of trouble, Gray’s body covered with his demon power which was used to deny the attack from Mard Geer. Gray begins to collapse when he mentions that all he can do now is believe in Natsu.

Mard transforms and goes to attack Natsu when he gets pissed off and smacks Mard in the face, Natsu chases him and then transforms into his Dragon Force form! Igneel’s Secret Teachings, Dragon Slayer Secret Technique Shiranui Form! Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade!

It explodes and hits Mard Geer and just launches him to the ground, Mard i pissed off telling him that he’ll need to do better than that. Mard catches his head and tells him that he will obliterate him. Natsu calls for Gray, he gets up and gets his Destruction Bow of the Ice Demon Zero, and shoots it to Mard Geer.

It hits Mard, both Natsu and Gray smile, at this point we see that the Face count down has also gotten to zero with most of the good and bad guys nearly dead. Face has turned on, magic is about to disappear from the world. Fairy Tail 411 ends here.

A great and fantastic chapter, Natsu and Gray are a true and amazing combo, seems like they’ve hurt Mard Geer straight with Gray’s arrow. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 412, titled “Dance Unto Ishgar”, most likely Mard Geer will go crazy.


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