Sleeping Knights Defeat Floor Boss – Sword Art Online II 21 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II 21 see’s Sleeping Knights as well as Asuna defeat the floor boss, they go back to Asuna’s house and enjoy a meal prepared by Kirito and Yui. Asuna requests to join Sleeping Knights temporarily when it gets a little sad, Yuuki cry’s and logs off after it got a little too much.

Sword Art Online II 21 was actually pretty cool, it didn’t focus on one spot, it moved a lot faster than I had first thought and surprisingly it did not repeat or get stuck in one point like previous episodes. Sleeping Knights have a secret, there is a reason why they plan on leaving the game after spring.

Asuna tried to spend a little more time with them but was denied when they told her that she couldn’t because of some odd reason. I personally know the reason, however it’s hard to imagine how those who don’t know would react. Nevertheless, it’s been a good episode, I like Yuuki and it got really emotional right at the end, I certainly didn’t expect that.

Yuuki see’s Asuna as her big sister, however when it’s mentioned Yuuki quickly logs off just after she cries. I think next week’s Sword Art Online II 22 episode might tell us what will happen next, titled “Journey’s End” will tell us, possibly end the arc there. I’m expecting lots of emotions and crying.

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