Obito, Kakashi and Rin! Naruto’s Next Battle – Naruto Shippuden 387

Naruto Shippuden 387 shows Obito losing to Naruto and the others as all the Tailed Beasts and it’s powers are removed from him. He in turn ends up saving Obito as Kakashi and Minato talk on how Kakashi will always be by Naruto’s side helping him. Naruto is the bright spark in everyone’s sky as he looks to fight and defeat Madara Uchiha next.

Naruto Shippuden 387 see’s Naruto raising his hand at Obito. He goes for it but in fact just holds Naruto’s neck, while Naruto steps back and knocks Obito back a little. When he looks back at Naruto, he see’s Obito in his other form, he mentions that the current him is not who Rin knew.

We see Rin and Obito running with her after she helped him with his wound. Obito see’s some images he doesn’t want to, the smaller Obito looks at Obito and tells him that it’s enough already. Naruto holds his hands and with everyone’s pull, all of Tailed Beasts come out of Obito and they materialize.

Obito falls to the ground, mentioning that he’s lost. Both Naruto and Sasuke smile. Obito looks back at what he said and how wrong he was, he looks at his hand how much he misses her. All the Bijuu’s are there, they thank Naruto for his savior.

Sasuke runs towards Obito in order to kill him, Obito already understands that he’s dead. Kakashi appears as he tells them that they can do something else as it’s his turn to do this. As Kakashi goes to kill Obito, Minato appears and reminds them that it’s most likely all his fault, for leaving them.

All this hate and what ever has happened, it’s most likely his fault. Naruto is told to go to Madara to help Hashirama kill him. We see how Minato had a plan to destroy the bridge to take out the enemy ninjas plan.

However he now regrets everything he did, he should have just gone with them, he was unable to save Rin he was most needed. It gets a little emotional how he was unable to do anything right while he was alive.

Obito mentions that after Rin died, his world turned into black hell. Kakashi also says the same, after everyone around him died, his world had changed. However when he met Naruto he realized that he had to help him.

We go to the past when Obito gave Kakashi his eye, thus they both shared a bond on how they saw the world. Naruto goes to the top of the Tree, when Kakashi tells him that whenever Naruto stumbles or falls, Kakashi will be there to help him up. He tells him that he will help him to make his dream become a reality. Naruto will launch a massive Rasengan! Naruto Shippuden 387 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, it’s been a while now however it’s finally good to see that Naruto as a series is finally improving. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 388, titled “My First Friend”, when we see  Gaara ask the Bijuu’s for their help in defeating Madara.

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