Blue Skull’s Dragon! Arriving in Magnolia – Fairy Tail Zero 5

Fairy Tail Zero 5 shows the city of Magnolia in ruins as it seems a dragon may have hit it hard. Mavis keeps on going with her crew when they get time to connect with each other as the others mention that they don’t quite want the jewel anymore.

Fairy Tail Zero 5 begins as Mavis and the others go towards Magnolia however they’re a few days out. They decide to camp together. They all choose their own jobs such as getting wood, food and so on.

They joke and laugh and just stay happy with her around. They talk about the jade when she mentions that they’ll most likely get the it back which can help live happy for the rest of their life. Mavis mentions that they’re allies, after that stuff will happen.

Warrod mentions that there are people in this world that would hurt others, she has no reason to trust them when she mentions that she can see into their eyes. She notices that Zeira is not with her and just goes after her.

The guys talk about how she is a strange girl, they no longer want to Tenrou Jade, however only now Yury wants it. Mavis meets Zeira when she talks about how Mavis saves Zeira, and now how she wants to learn magic and get strong. She wants to start as soon as possible when she falls into the water.

She takes her clothes off, she begins to swim and bathe, Mavis joins her when she hugs her and shows that they both have fairies in their hearts. They can finally see Magnolia, as they get closer, they see a huge dragon just made of bone, Mavis knows it’s the Blue Skull’s Dragon! Everything around them, especially the Kardia Cathedral has been destroyed. Fairy Tail Zero 5 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, lots of great stuff and fantastic to see that Mavis has finally gotten to Magnolia, I can try and guess what happens next, however I might just be wrong. Can’t wait for the next Fairy Tail Zero 6 chapter.

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