Obito’s Hokage Thoughts! Shinobi’s Work Together – Naruto Shippuden 384

Naruto Shippuden 384 shows the power of the Allied Shinobi as they work together in order to pull all the Bijuu’s from inside Obito, we also see’s images of him as a Hokage if he decided to come back. After Naruto learns about Obito’s past, he discovers that he was also just like him who wanted to become a Hokage. 

Naruto Shippuden 384 begins as Naruto and Sasuke both join their powers in order to create a massive Kurama Mode with Susanoo armor, thus giving him the ability of great attack and defense. Kakashi is able to view from the eye of Obito noticing what he’s saying and looking at.

Obito begins to talk about what will eventually happen, from the moment hell opens, the moon’s dreams will come to life. He reveals his sword the Nunoboko which unleashes the divine power which the Sage of Six Paths had showed.

Everyone is signaled to go Naruto by his feelings. They mentions with a single blow they’ll attack. He begins to make large Rasengan’s, then Naruto’s friends enter each of the tails and handle the Rasengan they have, on top of which they’re give his cape for a little while.

They are told to break through Obito’s defense to which they all reach and do while Naruto and Sasuke attack using their sword which strikes with Obito’s sword. As this happens, Naruto feels Obito’s thoughts as though he was with Kakashi and all his comrades.

It goes as far as him fighting with his friends and becoming Hokage, all these images make him weak and his sword is broken. Plus Naruto strikes Obito thus all of the chakra he had of the Tailed Beasts come out! As Naruto received chakra from the other Bijuu, he was able to strike, on top of which Naruto now uses his own tails in order to attach with the Bijuu’s and pull! 1 and 8 Bijuu are missing so Gaara and Bee step up to pull from this point.

The Divine Tree begins to halt in it’s progression. Naruto keeps on seeing images of Obito’s thoughts, he fells sad due to this. Their chakra is connected, Obito begins to pull back however he keeps on gaining traction.

Minato attaches himself to the chakra and uses ropes to give everyone the ability to pull the chakra. We see Naruto and the others pull from Obito when he himself see’s a younger Obito in Naruto’s place. Making him regret himself.

Naruto mentions that he had once told him that he doesn’t need to be known and just be in the shadows, however truly he wanted to become a Hokage. Naruto had promised that he’d break his mask, and thus he had finally done this! Naruto Shippuden 384 ends here.

A great episode, lots of awesome stuff, Naruto seems to have finally succeeded in the battle against Obito, however what must Madara be planning now, what can happen now. We’ll see Obito’s past as well as his existence as a student in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 385, titled “Obito Uchiha”.

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