Obito vs Naruto, Sasuke! Madara vs Hashirama – Naruto Shippuden 379

Naruto Shippuden 379 shows the beginning battle of Obito vs Naruto, Sasuke, Minato and Tobirama while Madara battles Hashirama. We also follow smaller journeys of the past where Minato could have stopped Obito if he knew, while Hashirama is reminded of their fight while they were younger.

Naruto Shippuden 379 begins as Tobirama helps in giving back the explosive which Obito had set. He had previously set a sign on him so he has used it now. We visit Hashirama and Madara and their fight as they quickly enable their Susanoo and Wooden beings. Hashirama seems to have the upper hand at each point.

They upgrade to their Perfect Susanoo and Wooden Golem to which everyone see’s from the sidelines that they have no idea whats happening. They begin to lose their courage since they can’t fight such a fight. Shikamaru connects to everyone telling them that small power is also useful, and that now they should watch be ready for when they can use it.

They get their energy and power back, Temari thinks that Shikamaru has the capabilities of becoming a Hokage. Hashirama and Madara keep on fighting, to which he is reminded of the time they had previously fought at the Valley of the End. Madara had lost then however will not lose now he mentions.

They both get ready to attack one another. At the other battlefield, Naruto and the other wait for Obito to show himself as he does, he had used the black balls to cover himself and protect himself. Naruto and Sasuke get ready and go for an attack.

Sasuke uses Amaterasu and begin their attack. Both Naruto and Sasuke mix their Amaterasu and Rasengan. Tobirama and Minato also swap their marks. They do so that the attack on Minato is swapped over using the technique of Minato and Tobirama and thus Obito is swapped on his side.

Hinata notices that after the attack both Naruto and Sasuke are smiling. It seems to be a successful attack however Obito shows that he hasn’t been affected at all. He goes on up to the sky’s.  Tobirama notices that his jutsu is different and similar to the Sage of Six Paths, also Minato shouldn’t get attack critically as his own body will not regenerate.

Naruto goes to power up into his Kurama Mode however it doesn’t work as Kurama tells him that he needs to calm down as he regenerate more chakra. Gamakichi attacks but doesn’t work, however Naruto and Tobirama both notice his attack is different.

Minato asks why he did such a thing, to which he goes on to mention that he was no where to be seen, he also wasn’t there to save Rin from the attack. He is also to blame. Obito is glad that his teacher was a Hokage, because it made it easy to discard that dream.

Minato also realized that if he knew that Obito was the masked man, he could have stopped him then and there and thus Kushina would have been alive, Naruto would have had parents and none of this would have happened. Obito even goes as far as to say that he’s a disgrace to Naruto.

Naruto notices and quickly opens up his Sage Mode where he uses and goes on to use his Rasengan to quickly transport and attack Obito from the top. He quickly attack as Minato notices how Naruto has grown up, even Minato’s Kurama has noticed how he managed to sweet talk Kurama. Naruto Shippuden 379 ends here.

A great episode with loads of awesome stuff, Minato is finally learning about his son. Plus Naruto is showing some great progress when it comes to putting Obito down, however he has a lot of power and will definitely make it hard to fight back. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 380, titled “The Day Naruto Was Born”, when we see Obito fight back with all he’s got, and see Minato and Naruto join together!


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