I Love You – Zaraki Kenpachi and Retsu Yachiru Unohana

Zaraki Kenpachi and Retsu Yachiru Unohana in love by Panda Capuccino

Zaraki Kenpachi and Retsu “Yachiru” Unohana wouldn’t usually be a couple in many people’s eyes, however this image puts one and one together to create a lovely couple out of both. The picture is a little saucy and it may not be to everyone taste, however Love transcends all barriers so just accept the fact that Zaraki and Unohana would be a serious power couple. 

Personally I feel this image is brilliant, although it may be a little ecchi, It doesn’t bother me as I see past that and just see two awesome people. This image was done by Panda Capuccino, go check their page out on tumblr, also be sure to go ahead and share so others can see!


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        1. Nick Dunn

          Exactly! Zaraki named Yachiru because she is the only person he ever admired and looked up too. And Return said Zaraki is the only man to make her truly happy. I like shipping characters that admire one another. Like Sui-Feng admires Yoruichi. And Shuuhei admires Kensei 🙂


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