Naruto and Sasuke Seal Kaguya?! Kakashi’s Susanoo – Naruto 689

Naruto 689 shows the possible end of Kaguya as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all get close enough while Naruto and Sasuke plant their hands to begin the sealing processes. We also see Kakashi use Obito’s abilities to use the alternative dimension to pass through things as he uses it to hurt Kaguya by nearly cutting her arm. 

Naruto 689 begins as Kakashi creates some shuriken which he’s infused his Kamui into to which they’re thrown at the Ten Tails. It dissolves some of the arms of the Ten Tails. Kakashi detects that when he molded his chakra with the Sage of Six Paths his powers increased. Sasuke wonders how she got it. Sasuke notices the chakra.

Waves of chakra begin to come form the bottom to which they attach themselves to the Ten Tails. The body of Ten Tails begins to disappear and a black ball begins to form from the inside out. It seems that Kaguya had absorbed chakra from the people under the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Kaguya has also summoned the Gudoudama, Kaguya has also combined all types of natures together. It’s growing larger.

Zetsu mentions that this is the creation of a new dimension to which they will all become sacrifices to it. Naruto and Sasuke mention that they need to stop it before it grows any larger. Kakashi comes up with a plan to which it’s their final mission. They’re going to save the world.

Kaguya mentions that she is immortal, however if any of them were to die then they wouldn’t be able to seal her. Naruto’s clones huddle up together and mention that they’re going to be her opponent. Naruto and Sasuke head for her. Kakashi also begins his attack as he quickly gets attacked but uses Obito’s ability to pass through things to pass through Kaguya’s attack.

Get approaches her quickly and uses his Kamui Raikiri to slash through her right hand. At the same time Naruto and Sasuke approach her. Her separate arm opens a dimension to attack Sasuke while Kaguya’s left arm attacks Naruto.

Naruto clone appears in Naruto’s place while the Sasuke was a fake and is the real Naruto. The left hand that sent the bone through the dimension is stopped by Kakashi’s Kamui as it transports it elsewhere. Naruto and Sasuke switch places quickly while they both get closer.

Kaguya tries to get away as she flies up however Sakura appears out of nowhere and hits her in the head to stop her movement. Kakashi mentions that it’s a perfect picture as he see’s all members of Team 7 try to stop Kaguya as they all seem to succeed since Naruto and Sasuke touch their arm with the sign on Kaguya’s body. It seems as though she will not be sealed. Naruto 689 ends here.

A crazy chapter and it seems that Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are all working together on top of which Kakashi’s plan seems to have worked perfectly. Although it seems that this could be the end of her and her plan. But can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 690 when we see what happens next.


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  1. bena nnang

    it’s amazing even though it was easily predictable that kakashi would get that ability since he already had obito’s sharingan but as for me i think this manga is coming close to it’s end


  2. shinobi

    knowing kishi i can say this is not over especially the ending part,i can forsee madara‘s return since that guy is always sturbon n with kaguya gone hes free to continue with the infinite tsyukiyomi bt it was one of the best chapters ever,flat chested sakura was finally able to be of some help and kakashi has adapted well to his new sharingans which is nt a suprise since he was the first to figure out how they work and he has copied over a thousand jutsus.hope there will be another naruto after this arc coz i love it alot.


  3. Monkey D. Appa

    Aaah kishi keeps surprising me every week. I love the kamui shuriken and the part where she was about to send sasuke away and kill naruto epic i can’t wait till next week.


  4. uchiha kaqami

    Crazy epic al doh last epic was nauqhty i fink vhiz naruto manqa series is finally cumin to an end…
    As for kakashi usin d kamui very wel i’m nt surprised buh kakashi usin d ultimate susanoo is rubish
    i aqree with d dudes who said he has ran out of ideas nd he’s breakin his own rules….
    Xo afta kaquya it wil b naruto nd sas fiqhtin for d post of d hokaqe mehn vhat battle wil take up too ten epic or xo


  5. kincaid

    Masashi kishimoto is a genius kakashi hatake of the sharingan is by far the best characters in naruto shippiden a complete shinobi and finally we get to see him son of the white fang ,student of namikaze minato, the best shinobi in his generation world known and renowned feared by many and faced almost all the akatsuki members.kakashi has now shown us why he is the genius and well rounded shinobi he is.kakashi is now stronger than madara uchiha and according to the manga he is more talented than every shinobi that came before and after him for that I salute masashi kishimoto he is the best .by the way kakashi’s susano o is way …….way to cool for school

    Kakashi hatake lord 6th


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