Seven Dragon’s Appear! Eclipse Gate Closed – Fairy Tail 192

Fairy Tail 192 shows seven individual dragons coming from the Eclipse Gate itself as it opens, while Lucy tries to shut it using her powers, she and Yukino use their powers to close the gate. However Future Rogue appears with his powers controlling the 7 dragons to his will, while Natsu targets Future Rogue from afar. 

Fairy Tail 192 (season 2 episode 17) begins as everyone is happy to see the gate open while Lucy mentions that the gate needs to be closed at once. Hisui and the others mention that she mustn’t do such a thing. She begins to tell them that the Eclipse Gate connects to 400 years back in the past.

Seconds later there are large tremors coming out of nowhere. Everyone is in shock at whats coming. A few moments later we quickly begin to see that a Dragon has appeared from within the gate. Everyone is shocked. It roars sending out waves of sound. A second one appears to which it does the same.

Next up a dragon covered in flames appears as it also walks down. Hisui is shocked and blames herself. A fourth one appears, to which Lucy asks where she can disable the gate. Lucy goes towards it however a roar pushes her away. She gets to the pedestal to pull the handle but it’s too strong. She mentions that Master Crux had secretly told her about the way in which the Eclipse Gate worked. The lunar moon is messing with the signals.

Dragons begin to cause chaos within the city, destroying buildings just with their sounds. Another one appears covered with rocks. The portal doesn’t seem to be closing, Hisui doesn’t know what to do any more. Lucy runs towards the handle after being pushed away. The dragons use their wings to fly off destroying more of the buildings.

While Natsu gets consumed by the shadow, he comes back to life and mentions that he made a promise that he’s going to protect. The dragons are chaotic releasing all of their roars. Natsu runs out. Lucy isn’t able to close it with all her might.

Yukino appears to help Lucy, she tells her to use the 12 Golden Keys to shut the gate. They both hold hands, cast their chant and all 12 Zodiacs appears, they quickly fly up and begin their mission to close the gate while another dragon tries to push through. They successfully close it, everyone cheers however there are 7 dragons which did get through.

Future Rogue appears mentioning that he shut down his plan, however seven dragons will be more than enough. It seems all the dragons are listening to him. They’re under his magic spell on them. Some are sent to kill the mage’s in the town while he uses one to fly with.

He mentions that he’s leaving Zirconis to them, this is the dragon from before. Fairy Tail begin their attack on Atlas Flame however they’re all pushed back after just one attack. Most of the other guilds are unable to do any real damage at this point. We see dragon’s chaos huge chaos, then see Future Rogue on top of a dragon, while Natsu looks at him from a tower. Fairy Tail 192 ends here.

An awesome episode, however somewhat predictable that the dragons were coming from the gate itself. Still can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 193, titled “Seven Dragons” when we see some awesome fights against the awesome dragons.


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