Kirito and Sinon Meet – Sword Art Online II 4 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 4 has aired and it’s fantastic, both Kirito and his converted character enters the world of Gun Gale Online as a girl character to which he meets Sinon after he knows nothing about the world. They meet and instantly become friends, to which Sinon thinks that Kirito’s converted character and skills are above anything else, even if he doesn’t know about the game. 

Kirito's Girl Character

Kirito’s Girl Character

Kirito Spawns in to find out that it’s a lot different from a normal game, it’s a game geared for killing. He enters the world, quickly someone approaches him about his character to which it seems to be worth quite a lot.

He goes around to find a massive world with a lot of people, some of which think he’s a female. He gets a little lost to which then meets a stranger, to us we know her as Sinon. Kirito tells her that he’s lost and it’s his first time playing. Kirito thinks that Sinon thinks he’s a girl.

Kirito meets SinonKirito mentions that he’s looking for a place to buy weapons and gear and such. He’s also looking for the Government General Office. Sinon agrees to take him there, as well as to find out that Kirito would like to join the Bullet of Bullets. Kirito tells Sinon about his past and where he’s from and such.

They go to the market to find lots and lots of weapons to which Kirito knows nothing about. GGO has two main weapons types, energy weapons and physical ones, to enter the PvP he’d need a physical one. Kirito mentions that he’s mostly strength and speed type.

Kirito doesn’t have a lot of money to do anything at this point. He see a gambling place to which Kirito hears about a challenge, to not get hit by the NPC gunman’s bullet. Sinon mentions that it’s impossible. We even see an example of it, to which this player gets beaten. Kirito gets ready and also accepts the challenge, with everyone looking at how Kirito’s a newbie.

Kirito faces Untouchable Cowboy Challenge

Kirito faces Untouchable Cowboy Challenge

Kirito enters the challenge and using his skills, strength and agility, he’s able to quickly win. Everyone is shocked to see this, to which Kirito explains to everyone that he guessed the game was to anticipate the prediction lines and overcome them.

Kirito tries out Photon Sword

Kirito tries out Photon Sword

Kirito begins to look at different weapons, however none fit him. He encounters a laser sword to which he is told that no one uses it for the reason that the person must get very close. Kirito quickly buys it, quickly trying it out to which Sinon see’s that he certainly has some skills.

Kirito tries out a Pistol

Kirito tries out a Pistol

Kirito goes on to find a weapon to which he finds very light and is preferred by him. He learns about shooting at a shooting range but completely missing when he fires his first shot. They both head out, to which Sinon notices that they only have 10 minutes before they can sign up for the Bullet of Bullets tournament. They run to which Kirito finds a few bikes he can ride to the general office. I assume they make it there in time, as Sword Art Online II episode 4 ends here.

A fantastic episode, it’s finally awesome to see both Kirito and Sinon meet, and I really like how Sinon thinks that Kirito is a girl, on top of which I’m sure she’ll be surprised to find that Kirito a in fact a boy. I really like how Sinon is being open to Kirito and how it’s most likely that they will become good friends, possibly until the end.

Death Gun must be watching, and I’m guessing that as Kirito may win against Sinon in the Bullet of Bullets (BoB) challenge, he will be his target to which Kirito will most likely die. Nevertheless, there isn’t a lot I could talk about at this point since the story is just beginning to develop. Just hold on tight for next week’s Sword Art Online II episode 5, titled “Gun and Sword”.

What do you think?

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