Juvia Defeats Keith! Silver’s Peace – Fairy Tail 394

Fairy Tail 394 shows the wonderful Keith get defeated by Juvia as she traps him in a move as she turns into water and appears inside his body, Silver also finds his peace as he along with Keith’s minion also going back to their inanimate state. We see that the current Tartarus members are really strong and both Natsu and Gajeel are having a hard time dealing with them. 

Fairy Tail 394 begins with Natsu smashing Tempesta to the ground, to which he quickly gets back and smashes Natsu back. Torafusa mentions that he’s never encountered humans who are this strong. Lucy mentions if Natsu and Gajeel are having a hard time, Juvia must also be having a hard time.

Juvia tries to contact Silver to which he’s no longer hearing, she doesn’t have a choice, she gets closer to which Keith tells Juvia that they knew that Silver was acting against them, however his anger and hatred only fueled him along. Keith begins to tell that one is dead while the other is alive. Such a story is perfect. Juvia tells him that humans aren’t not monsters.

Juvia attacks however seconds later she is captured by Keith, she is stopped in her tracks to which she is then unable to move. Keith’s monsters begin to appear as they also get on top of Lucy. Torafusa mentions that this is the city of the dead, it’s Keith’s arsenal. Keith tells Juvia to severe the bond between father and son to which she is unable to.

Keith begins to close in on Juvia to which seconds later we see Keith destroy Juvia, the trap Keith used turned Juvia into nothing but blood, however a few seconds later we see Juvia come out from inside the body of Keith as she turned into water and bursts out mentioning that even if people change form, feelings always remain in the heart.

Juvia destroys him to which Tempesta and Torafusa both are shocked to see Keith being defeated. Juvia cries as she hears Silver’s voice. Silver mentions that he’s found peace thanks to her. Silver mentions that Face has been stopped and that she now needs to take care of Gray.

Gray tells his dad to rest, to which Silver quickly mentions that the reason he sought out Ice Devil Slayer Magic is because END is a flame demon, the power he’s passed onto Gray will make him an Ice Devil Slayer to which he plans on crushing END. Fairy Tail 394 ends here.

It’s been a fantastic chapter, Juvia defeating and Gray finally gaining a purpose in the overall story is awesome. As he will now face END, while Natsu to face Zeref. On top of which it’s awesome to see Juvia not as weak as she looks, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 395, titled “Tartarus Arc, Part 5: Ultimate Pain”.

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  1. mabritish

    but I’m not entirely sure if Gray will be the one to crush END alot. I know that buy the end of fairytale manga, gray and natsu will be the strongest characters of the manga and that’s what I wanted from the begging. but I fill Like natsu will also want a crack on END since igneel was unable to defeat END.
    Though I think Gray stand a higher chance of defeating END since END is a flame DEMON and Gray is an ice DEMON slayer. and I think it will be awesome if indeed gray crush END and natsu burn zeref in the end. but knowing natsu he will get fired up and steal gray’s thunder, either way I’m gonna enjoy the fights.
    but something does not add up for me, I thot that igneel was the strongest fire Dragon fire alive, so how come did he fail to defeat a flame DEMON?


    1. Rise

      Well they never said he defeated END, they just said he failed to kill him….. igneel probably did defeat END, but didn’t kill him…
      Zeref did mention to natsu that igneel had a “choice”


  2. Rise

    I just realize something, if dragons are only affected by dragon slaying magic, then shouldn’t demons only be affected by devil slaying magic………………..
    Unless normal magic does affect dragons and demons and that slayer magic just does more damage


  3. mabritish

    I think any magic has an effect on any being, I just think that slayer magic has more damage and effect since is a magic dedicated on slaying that certain being.

    hey RISE I didn’t say igneel defeated END I said he failed to defeat END. read closely u will see. where the he’ll is Laxus and Gildarts?.


    1. Sunite

      If you remember Laxus was in trouble when he fought Tempesta, he was ill and was unable to do anything. He’s still probably asleep trying to get better. Gildarts is most likely going to pop out of nowhere. He’s the trump card when someone needs help and Mashima has no one else there to help.


  4. grayfullbuster622

    HAha i loved this chapter finally gray got a power up lol now he’s on par with natsu’s power though saddening that grays dad silver disappeared so now gray is twice as powerful as he was before ice demon slaying magic rock on gray defeat end and rise higher than natsu but then again natsu’s probably gonna steal the spotlight once again like he always does -_-………………………….*sigh* But yeah this was a great chapter And i’m hoping to see gray use his new slayer abilities lets see what new techniques gray can use we already know demons rage is one of them since the father used it.But i’d like to know more about demon slaying magic in the long run so yeah haha Grays slaying magic now is gonna be awsome man i wonder what new abilities he can use!!!!!!


  5. mabritish

    you can say that again man, I have been waiting for this For years now, for Gray to become a slayer. any DEMON from now on who will hear the name of gray fullbluster will sh*t on themselves. and I think it makes a perfect senses for END to be taken down by Gray since END is a flame DEMON and Gray is a ice. demon slayer. it will be a boring fight if natsu fight him or her since they both use flames.

    thanks SUNITE I also think the same, that gildarts will appear when everyone’s back is against the wall. I’m also happy for juvia, she finally got a blessing from Gray’s father of all ppl. Gary wat a lucky busted


  6. grayfullbuster622

    Yah haha i think so to mabritish btw dont you notice the picture of lucy getting doggy styled by that skeleton oh god that position looks so funny rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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