Madara’s Dark Path! First Hokage – Naruto Shippuden 369

Naruto Shippuden 369 tells the story of how the Village Hidden in the Leaf was born, to which Madara was supposed to be Hokage but then had fled in an attempt to come back and destroy it. Madara takes a darker path when he leaves to find an answer to his purpose in life. While Hashirama becomes the first Hokage. 

Naruto Shippuden 369 begins as the Senju and Uchiha make an alliance. As time went on, the village got built slowly but surely. It was like their dreams. We see Hashirama go through the village to which he’s greeted by many, he also see’s Madara to which they go somewhere. He even manages to scare a girl.

They go to the top of the mountains to remember their dreams of what they’d like the village to be. Madara also remembers how he wished for the village to be something he could use to protect his little brother. Madara golds a leaf with a hole in the middle of it, to which Hashirama mentions the Hokage as a role, explaining everything to him. Madara remembers how most of his friends and family died, Hashirama does the same, he remembers the moments they had when they talked about talking their feelings.

Hashirama mentions that they need to name the village, while other villages also want to join their village. Madara mentions the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Hashirama wants Madara to be the Hokage and have his face carved on the rocks. Tobirama interrupts calling for Hashirama.

Hashirama tells Tobirama his plans, to which the final decision for Hokage will be made by the higher ups. To which it’s most likely won’t be Madara. To which Tobirama also mentions that the Sharingan is based on evil and hatred. To which Hashirama notices that Madara was listening to them.

Hashirama becomes the Hokage, to which  Hashirama keeps on telling Madara the story about his past to Sasuke. He explains when the forces joined, there was less fighting. We see Madara explain that there are two tables to the Uchiha Tablet. One that there are two forces joining while the other has a much deeper meaning.

Madara explains that he’s leaving the village to find his own path in this world as none of his own clan wants to join him. Hashirama tries to stop him however Madara gives his reasons to go forth and find his own path in the world. He even mentions if he had to save the village of kill his brother, which he refers to Madara, which would he pick.

After Madara left, everything continued as normal. Hashirama protected the village, while other villages were formed like the Sand, Earth, Lightning and Water. Other smaller ones were also formed. Children trained and were big enough to drink. We continue with Madara vs Hashirama from before to which we see both of them hit hard.

Hashirama’s 10 Armed clashes and takes off most of Madara’s Susanoo from Kurama. To which he then traps Kurama and disables the seal on him. To which he then goes on to sleep. Madara and Hashirama go on to the ground and fight on to which only one person can win. Naruto Shippuden 369 ends here.

Hashirama and Madara’s story is definitely awesome to see however it seems to be getting a little repetitive. However I don’t mind seeing it all since it will lead to an answer from Sasuke himself. So can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 370, titled “Sasuke’s Answer” when we learn about Sasuke’s answer.


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