Laxus vs Jura! Gajeel defeats Rogue – Fairy Tail 188

Fairy Tail 188 (Season 2 Episode 13) gets even better as the battle between Jura and Laxus finally begins, while Gajeel’s Iron Shadow Dragon Mode quickly overwhelms Rogue/Shadow as their battle also finishes. While this continues we see that Erza is taking a beating from Minerva, on top of which Arcadios realises that Hisui has been lying to him. 

Fairy Tail 188 begins as Gajeel shows off his new form of the Iron Shadow Dragon Mode as he finally shows two attributes. Gajeel attacks and quickly gets his first move in to attack Rogue/Shadow. Both of them are quickly into their fights to which Gajeel seems to have the upper hand in this match.

Gajeel grabs in within the shadow and punches him, then quickly grabs him launching him up at the sky. Then uses his own Roar to which it explodes up to the sky defeating Shadow who seemed to be controlling Rogue. He falls back down to which Shadow laughs considering Rogue’s limits.

Frosch appears to which he cries for Gajeel to stop beating up Rogue, Gajeel backs down and tells him that the battle is over. Rogue wakes up and doesn’t realise what had just happened. Mavis doesn’t seem to know this kind of magic.

Natsu and the others are going hard on defeating the army which are attacking them in the castle. The Garou Knights appear once more to which they once again begin their fights. Arcadios appears to be wearing an armor which is famous, to which he goes out and tells the soldiers to go ahead and find Hisui to which he then realises to himself that she was the one lying to him, not Lucy. He’s wearing the White Lily Battle Armor.

Sting is nowhere to be found, while at the same time we go to see Minerva who seems to be fighting Erza while one of her leg is hurt. We see both Kagura and Millianna defeated unable to do anything. Minerva is punishing Erza.

At the same time we see Lyon and Gray fight each other, although Lyon seems to be stronger, Juvia and Gray’s partnership is a lot better compared to Lyon and Chelia. Gray begins his attack on Lyon too. Natsu and the others are having a hard time fighting back against the Knights. They each gain their own respected partners to fight against.

We see Jura arrive at the scene of Laxus and Orga to which Orga quickly challenges Jura to a test. He is said to be one of the Ten Saints. Orga quickly activates his power as he builds it up, he asks to see which is stronger.

Orga took the trap which was trap, to which when Orga attacks we quickly see Jura travel at the speed of sound to which he quickly smashes Orga in the ground, he’s unable to do anything at this point, he truly is awesome with his power.

It’s mentioned that of the 10 Saints, the first four, The Kings of Ishugal, are not human, while the next few are human beginning with Jura himself. There is nothing he can do at this point, Laxus and Jura talk when Laxus mentions that they’re just two men, nothing else.

Laxus quickly gets ready and so does Jura, to which they approach each other, however as he does so Jura hits Laxus in the back with his arm putting Laxus down! Jura mentions that there is always someone above you. While Laxus gets back up and smashes Jura in the face with his attack when Fairy tail 188 ends here.

What a great episode, Laxus and Jura have finally got together to fight against each other. On top of which what will happen in the next few days will determine if the country will be destroyed or not. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 189, titled “Gloria”, when we continue with the battle as well as the Eclipse project.

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