Silver is Deliora! Destined To Fight – Fairy Tail 390

Fairy Tail 390 reveals the great Silver Fullbuster to be the Deliora in Gray’s father body while he gets angry while they’re destined to fight! While this goes on we see others go ahead and fight their respective enemies. Mard Geer goes on ahead to fight Sting and Rogue realizing while Humans are so ignorant. While Erza and Minerva go to try and disable the Face Weapons. 

Fairy Tail 390 begins as we see the past from which we look at a young Gray looking down at his father who seems to have died now. The text mentions that the story of Gray had begun when his parents, friends and house had all been destroyed. Gray asks Silver who he is, he tells him that he is his father.

Gray tells him that his father had died, he saw it with his own eyes. Silver reveals his full name to be Silver Fullbuster. Gray throws some ice crystal and attacks however Silver just punches him back. Then begins to laugh as Gray tells him that he is indeed his father and that he has been waiting to see his face for a while.

Silver mentions that the part about him being his father is true, however the part about him is a little more complicated. Silver mentions that he is part of a much greater existence, especially to him. They are destined to fight! Natsu, Gajeel and Juvia are all fighting their own Tartarus members.

However seconds later Natsu, Gajeel and Juvia are all pushed back, Juvia also has a bad feeling about Gray. Lucy tries to help, however she’s told that they’ll be okay and thus she just needs to calm down. Gajeel also smells that Sting and Rogue are here.

Both of which are pushed Mard Geer back, he notices and understands why Kyouka wanted to play with humans. Sting tells him to stop playing around and bring it. Mard mentions that they’re unable to see their deaths, actions motivated purely by emotions, not awake of their weakness as well as being oblivious to how strong their opponent is, they are totally ignorant.

We go ahead with Erza and Minerva to which they find Happy and Lily, they’re looking for the control center to control the Face weapons. Minerva notices Franmalth on Happy’s head, they have an hour left to sort it out and stop the weapons.

Gray is pushed back to which Silver tells him that the body was obtained as a vessel to which he found laying around. All members of Tartarus are from Zeref’s book, so  his form was far from a human, using his demon form is also an inconvenience.

He mentions that whilst he was looking for a corpse, this was the best one nearest to him, it may have been a complete coincidence that he obtained the body, however it could have also been something else such as them being destined. Silver then mentions that he’s been waiting for a very long time for this.

Gray tells him not to mess with him, going around messing with someone’s father’s corpse. Silver goes on to mention that he wasn’t quite satisfied killing off all of Ur’s school, after all Ur has been out of business now for over 10 years. We quickly see that Silver is in fact Deliora!

Gray is absolutely shocked at this realization on top of which Ur had given her own life to put him away. Gray mentions that Ur had finished Deliora off, however Deliora explains that Tartarus had brought him back using the Hell Core.

Gray asks if he’s truly the Deliora to which he replies with he really doesn’t want to see his true form, the form that killed his parents. To which Keith mentions that the Young Boy’s story, referring to Gray, will come to an end. Juvia is shocked. Gray is totally mad!

What an intense chapter, with Gray furious about this and everyone else fighting to stop Tartarus, it will truly be a long journey for them. On top of which Silver/Deliora will face a Gray that we’ve never seen before. Can’t wait for next week’s chapter Fairy Tail 390, titled “Gray vs Silver” to which we begin this fight!

There are 3 comments

  1. grayfullbuster622

    Thanks for posting sunite i knew you were busy inrl you told me you were gonna be out. but finally we know now i was shocked when silver was actually deliora my eyes were like wtf <..< lets hope this battle will be good and i know it will.

    Again back to being shocked part so this whole time deliora was never dead i kinda thought he wouldnt be but wow so i still cant believe Ul's death was in vain she didnt manage to put the final stamp on deliora still sad…. the way i see it but maybe gray will have to…. not saying he will but he might do iced shell or have a new type of ice make magic power.


    1. grayfullbuster622

      i’m also hoping that leon doesnt step in that would really ruin the deliora vs gray match but you know what gray is different he looks more pissed then before so lol he might bring the rain to deliora he’ll use his full power and maybe show a power he’s never shown before that maybe not even fairytail knows about.Or he might just use iced shell sacrifice himself to kill deliora but i highly doubt it will happen. gray has some freakish power he’s prob hiding and will eventually unleash it.Until chapter 391 gray vs silver lets wait and see what gray has my fav character P.S


  2. mabritish

    Now this is a shocker!!!. Of all the people in the work. Silver chose Grey’s father corpse to roam around in. Man this guy has really went far now. Is now and die for Gray. He must cut this fool in half and send it back to hell.. We are going to see ice maker magic. That which UL or UR never dream off. And if Gray can deaf deliora, he will have finally surpassed His master.


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