Cosplay Monday: Misa Amane

Misa Amane, from the anime and manga Death Note, is an up and coming model who supports Kira. She becomes the second Kira after obtaining the Death Note book, form then on she believes that she can use this to help and bring order to the world by killing those who have sinned. She dedicates her life to Kira (who is revealed to her as Light Yagami) who uses her to find the real identity of L. 

The artwork above was done by IreneAstral who personally I think she has done a fantastic job of creating and bringing alive to this character. On top of that I really like her expression and her body language. Nevertheless, be sure to check her other cosplay out, as well as to share the page and comment below telling us all how awesome it is.

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        1. Sunite

          Yeah 😥 I know, I love the shinigami’s, both of them, they are awesome. I know somewhat how the death note works, I just need to watch the manga and see how it is, It’s on my list of things to watch 😛


          1. nick dunn

            Well its not like Shinigami in Bleach. I do like them. The anime isn’t that long. I won’t ruin the ending for you! 😉


              1. nick dunn

                Oh! Well ya I’ve seen the movies and they do give the ending away sort off. Kinda shows how a regular person can change so much with “power”


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