Garou Knights Defeated! Mirajane’s Determination – Fairy Tail 183

Fairy Tail 183 explains why Fairy Tail are truly strong, from being able to hang on to their wits to fully beating the Garou Knights, or the Executioners, they were passed on through to beat every single one. On top of which Mirajane explains why power is needed to help those that are weak and ruled by another power. They show up and kick some Garou Knight ass. 

Fairy Tail 183 begins as Mirajane keeps on getting beat by Kamika, attack after attack Kamika uses her powers to stop Mirajane, from slowing down Mirajane. To using fire and then ice to cool Mirajane down. Then uses electricity, which isn’t any close to Laxus’ magic. Then allows for poison to disperse around Mirajane.

Kamika then sends even more poison to Mirajane she mentions that power is what kills people. However power is also needed to break that power down. We start to Kama and Natsu to which both are still fighting. Kama mentions that his right blade cuts heads off while the left is used to null magic.

Natsu keeps on going until he gets closer. Lily keeps on fighting Neppa, he attacks but steps on acid to which it explodes and launches Lily back. Lily mentions that if he trash talks, it usually means that he’s truly weak. Neppa begins to drink more of his acid. We see Lucy and Aquarius to which she scares Happy.

Aquarius a little upset that she knows something is going on with Scorpio. She tells Lucy that if she was ever to get involved, she would kill her. Lucy tells hers that he seemed a little uneasy too. Uosuke interrupts with his power but it’s changed by Aquarius while Lucy and her keep on having their conversation.

Aquarius mentions that she thinks he’s cheating on her, she can’t ask him head on either. Uosuke comes up with a plan, if there is no water than she will be useless, to he turns up the heat. Cosmos keeps on singing when Wendy wakes up telling her that she canot be affected with her magic.

She disperses all the spores away, Wendy tells her that she will destroy her, being a support and a dragon slayer, she is powerful. Cosmos attacks her but Wendy keeps her head up. Kama tells Natsu that he won’t be able to do anything. Natsu refers to Gray when he tells him that he used to fight without magic. He’s all fired up!

Back in the stadium we see a few Fairy Tail members talk about what may be happening in the castle to the others, it seems that they can’t get a signal from Warren either. They try their best to keep their hopes up. Even Elfman wants to go and help Mirajane, a soldier overhears what they were talking about.

Mirajane gets all hyped up as she’s able to move around in Kamika’s poison. Nevertheless Mirajane tells her that she has to suppress her powers in front of everyone else. However now she is able to use all of her power, she breathes in all the smoke and transforms into her Satan Soul.

Kamika gets beater around even when she begins to move around. Kamika gets Mirajane in a spell where she has to remember her past trauma about Lisanna, she is in trauma of love to which seconds later she breaks it, she had overcome her trauma long ago! She holds Kamika’s face lecturing her about her magic and how it should be used.

Uosuke pisses Aquarius off to which they all get ready to attack. Lily gets hit back by Neppa to which he remembers his moment with Gajeel to which he was getting beaten by him in his training. We see that he has learnt about having a heart is precious. Lily gets ready and attacks Neppa right from the start. Wendy also begins her attack on Cosmos.

Wendy asks herself what Natsu would do to which he has also gotten his first hit on Kama. He breaks his sword and punches him in the face. Everyone attacks all at once, Lucy, Lily, Wendy, Mirajane and Natsu all attack when all of the knights hit their heads together. They all find their way together again. Natsu asks them where the exit is. Fairy Tail 183 ends here.

A great and awesome chapter, a lot of awesome stuff happened actually, they all got through and even beat up the crazy Garou knights who underestimated them Natsu and the others. An awesome episode. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 184, titled “The Country Until Tomorrow”, when we get to see more fights as well as the build up to the crazy fights ahead.

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  1. grayfullbuster622

    And i guess i’m the only one commenting on this sooo……Yah i thought this episode was Dope i liked it haha.


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