Naruto and Sasuke Combined Form! Obito Defeated?! – Naruto 651


Naruto 651 begins telling of how Naruto and Sasuke’s new form combination of Kurama and Susanoo is awesome, to which Naruto’s friends all go to a different tail to which they also gain a power up, from this gain a slightly new form to which they can manipulate a Rasengan to break apart Obito’s defences. It seems to have worked in a way that Obito remembers a different timeline when he did become Hokage. Somehow Obito’s defenses diminish and Naruto and Sasuke are able to get a head on attack on him. Could Obito be defeated?!

Naruto 651 begins as Naruto and Sasuke’s forms of Kurama and Susanoo begins to mix to create an even more powerful being. Sasuke asks if this form feels the same as if it did in the past, possibly referring to a perfect Susanoo. The form is fully made when it looks like a dark black fox with a massive sword in its hand. It seems that Kakashi is able to watch everything Obito is doing from his left eye. He notices Naruto and Sasuke.

At the same time, Obito builds his defence to which he then creates his own sword, revealing that it’s almost time to go to the dreamland. The moon’s dream will also fill everyone’s holes, to which the time has finally come. Kakashi remembers when Obito said that there is nothing in his heart, and that this world cannot help him.

Obito reveals that his sword, which is shaped like the DNA helix, is the Nunoboko, the holy sword owned by the Sage of Six Paths, thus he cannot win against him anymore. He also explains that his sword feelings dwell inside him, it’s a sword of souls, the Sage of Six Paths created the world using this sword, he’s going to use it to destroy it.

At the same time, Naruto’s friends all hear his request to which they know exactly what to do. Naruto tells Sasuke that they must focus on a single attack, there will only be a small opening and they cannot miss it. Naruto begins to create pretty large Rasengan’s on each of his tails to which all of Naruto’s friends go inside each tail. Kakashi begins to say that even if they treat him like an idiot and he tries harder than anyone else, they will eventually lend a hand, this is because they will realise that they can fill each other’s holes with each other’s hearts.

Once they enter each tail, they all gain an extreme amount of chakra to which they all gain Naruto’s cape, he tells them that he leaves the Rasengan to them to help him destroy his shield. Naruto mentions that it’s okay if they feel scared. Kakashi mentions with people’s whose hearts are filled with their friends are strong. They are all launched towards Obito with their Rasengan to destroy his defence which they successfully do!

Sasuke and Naruto both step forward and attack with their blade, to which goes straight through, their blades touch each other to which Obito begins to see other images. He remembers strange memories to which he’s back with Kakashi, while he’s also got his friends with him. A while later he seems to have become a Hokage!

The blade which Obito holds begins to break and doesn’t seem to be effective, They both attack other each to an end point in which it seems as though Obito may have been affected by the attack Naruto and Sasuke took, it seems that their attack may have hit fast and hard on Obito that this may be his time to lose. Naruto 651 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, finally Obito’s time to lose has come and it seems like Naruto and Sasuke’s ultimate form has triumph, their friends have also helped him out greatly to a point where they’ve been able to get such an attack on Obito, my question here is when will Madara step in because they’re going to have such an awesome battle after this point. Let’s see what happen in next week’s Naruto 652, I can’t wait for it!

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    1. Sunite

      Madara said that whatever opportunity he gets, he’s ready to take over from Obito, I think this is his chance. He never wanted to be part with Obito, however he needed him for his plans. I think this is the time where Madara steps in, otherwise the next chapter will be something to do with the tree.


  1. jasper

    seriously!!!…obito can’t die mehn…the fun is just startinq…madara said somethinq about switchinq with obito…we still haven’t seen that yet…and i can’t forqet the other tailed beast powers which was qiven 2 naruto…


    1. Sunite

      He will switch, I think he wants to switch permanently in which he wants to have completely control. However he’s still only a Edo Tensei and can’t do much. Yeah I think the other power much be used to bring his own Ten Tails up or to use it as a last resort to do something interesting. We’ll just see what happens next.


    1. Sunite

      The rasengan were already formed within each tails of Naruto and Sasuke’s form. Once they entered the tails, they received Naruto’s Bijuu Chakra giving them the ability to have the cape thing. Because the Rasengan were formed in the tail and because Naruto has wind nature, the chakra that were sent to his friends, were able to be used to control the already formed and maintain the Rasengan. They received a little chakra, so were able to take it out of the tail for a little while.


  2. Harlequin Hatred

    Ohh…I think the one responsible for those images in Obito’s head is Kakashi. This anime has turned into trash, Kishimoto keeps on upgrading Naruto’s strength without proper reasoning…its almost as if he’s now Obito’s equal. Pure trash!!!


  3. jasper

    Naruto should have qotten those powers before qoing to battle…i once said that naruto is below per compared to minato not to talk of madara and hashirama..everythinq has to do with rasenqan…i mean as the main protaqonist born with the kyuubi’s chakra naruto should be able to manipulate all elemental natures buh the reverse is the case as he barely has affirnity 4 wind…dats rediculous….thats why i like draqon ball…take qoku 4 instance…his powers are amazinq and rediculous….ever since he qained kyuubi chakra..saqe mode was dumped untill the recent this staqe naruto should be a qenius up the level of his father…its just his determination that endears hims thats all…now naruto is qettinq all the power hype and sasuke looks useless..lets face facts as naruto is now…he can’t defeat madara..cause apart 4rm determination u also need a bit of qeniusness…i still love naruto and to me its the best anime…buh kishi made some silly decisions…


  4. Harlequin Hatred

    Its still a good anime but NARUTO’s strength keeps growing just like a villains…remember how long it took Killer B to master his transformations but Naruto has just done it in only a few chapters


  5. Zetsu

    What naruto is doing is nothing compared to what obito can do,he has the jutsus 2 kill them but it seems he has mixed feelings about it and that level of attack can’t defeat obito,he is the 2nd rikudou sage,it should take more than that 2 defeat him but if madara takes over once he gets that chance,its going 2 be over 4 them,i think its the time madara wants 2 take over that they would be defeated,unless naruto gets another power up if not,they won’t be able 2 defeat madara if he takes over but then if obito and madara wants 2 live in a genjutsu world without war and lies,can’t they just put themselves?who would stop them from doing that?isn’t that better than fighting the whole ninja world when they don’t want 2 be in a fake world?


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