Fallen Friend – Naruto and Sasuke

Fallen Friend by mariaklepikovaNaruto Uzumaki has been going hard against all his enemies with all his powers. However the latest manga chapters suggest that Sasuke and Naruto will fight together, it’s as though they know everything about each other as well as fighting styles. One thing that plays here is which of the two will give out first. Naruto has used up way too much chakra by sharing as well as using Kurama’s chakra, however when will there be a point where Naruto completely runs out and needs help, will Sasuke step up or will he let Naruto die?

The awesome artwork above was drawn by MariaKlepikova. He has done an awesome job of creating such a striking image of Naruto laying there as though he’s dead with Sasuke watching him by his side. A truly awesome sight which could foreshadow an upcoming even to Naruto’s possible end. What do you think of this? Like and share this page as well as go check the artists other work.

What do you think?

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