Red White Black – Ichigo Kurosaki


Ichigo Kurosaki deserves all the help he can get, from all his fights he’s won by either a large power difference or by a very thin line by which Ichigo has either lost of won. From those loses he’s developed and gained a number of power ups. However Zangetsu, or now known as Younger Juha Bach, had completely suppressed most of his Quincy powers which led to Ichigo only using his Shinigami and Hollow, from which he had gotten really powerful, above most captains. However once Juha Bach let him realise that he suppressed his Quincy powers, all hell got lose and he unlocked this and combined all his qualities into one which he can rampage and literally defeat anyone.

The awesome silhouette type fan art above of Ichigo’s Hollow side was done by vyxinzhe who spent a while creating this awesome artwork using Photoshop. If you like the above image, be sure to check out their profile, she has a number of awesome artwork based on Bleach and other different things too.

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