The Diver – Naruto Uzumaki

diver___ou_contest_by_rejuvenesce-d6odx3xNaruto Uzumaki has gone through a lot in regards to pain and suffering, and due to Ino’s technique everyone was connected which allowed for everyone to feel Naruto’s pain and suffering which he went throughout his life. Naruto has tried his absolute best to get through to everyone and show them that he’s worthy, and that he has made a number of great friends which they can all rely on. This poster was originally inspired by how Naruto is elevated from the water by all his friends in one of the Naruto Shippuden opening songs.

If you like the above artwork I highly suggest you going to Rejuvenesce who has an awesome collection of brilliant fan art both based on anime as well as other works. I highly suggest you go check her out over at the link, just click her name. The song Skyfall by Adele reminds the artist of Naruto is this specific situation.

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